Saturday, February 11, 2017

Great Migration Cavalry

Here's the finished product, contemplating clothing designs but I'm probably too lazy. Again, these are 2 footsore goths, 4 GB early Saxons, and 4 GB 6th century Saxons. The models really work well for any Germanic cavalry around the 500's, though the "Vendel" period helmets are dated to the 600s and 700s they retain a late roman style construction. Geats, Goths, Burgundians, Rugians, and Saxons all good.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gothic Cav preview

My newest work, nearly completed Germanic Migration era Cavalry. The models are 2 footsore Goths, 4 GB early Saxons, 4 GB 5th/6th century Saxons

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Late Roman Scale Comparison

My opinion is that all of the figures are compatible.  The largest scale difference is in the GB plastic infantry. The plastics are shorter than the metal ranges as per usual it seems. GB metals seem to have different sizes between their own figures. West Wind minis are slightly thinner and are either the same height or shorter than the larger/ thicker GB figures.  
The largest differences in the cavalry comes from the horse height. The Cataphract horse and Arthur are shorter than the other footsore horses.
L to R: Footsore, West Wind, Footsore, West Wind, Footsore, Footsore Arthur

L to R: West Wind, Footsore Cataphract, Footsore, West Wind

L to R: GB (thin sculpt), GB, West Wind, GB, West Wind, GB (thin), West Wind, GB

L to R: West Wind, GB, West Wind, Unarmored GB, PLastic GB, West Wind, GB

Friday, January 27, 2017

Late Roman/Arthurian Army musters

I finally finished the Footsore Cataphracts (3 more GB Cataphracts are near completion) and plastic GB unarmored infantry. The westwind and footsore cavalry, and the westwind/GB heavy infantry have been done for some time. Some of the Bannermen pictured are still incomplete. Still on the painting queue are Black Tree and GB plastic armored infantry and GB plastic archers.
The buildings are built from cork tile, corrugated cardboard roofs, and various popsicle stick/matchstick/coffee stirrers for doors,windows, and trim. 

West Wind and Footsore Cavalry

West Wind and GB metal armored infantry and more Cav

Plastic GB unarmored infantry and Footsore Cataphracts

The attacking germans are warlord and Black Tree

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Large Update

Hello Wargaming Community
I think 2016 was at the top of my mini painting productivity, so thats good. But it seems my photos, uploaded from my phone to google plus to the blog, are not being seen by many browsers. The problem exists on the Lead adventure forum as well, where it seems the vast majority of users cant see the photos. Oh well, any tips to get my photos seen are welcomed.  Anyway the stuff you've all been waiting for the eye candy (if you can see it).
(I did these pictures straight from the phone which is usually successful)

This photo features warlord ancient germans attacking GB and west wind late romans, surrounded by my cork tile and corrugated cardboard buildings.

Some new terrain pieces. the Stone work is all dollarstore foamboard (dollarstore foamboard contains an easily removed paper surface, the expensive brands are exceedingly difficult to remove the paper layer)

Dollar store foamboard carvings

Pillars from corrugated cardboard, beads and cork tile top. Bases are all cardboard. The runied column was filled with paper towel and glue covered with sand.

The WIP of the Administrative building

First Mediterranean test house

Tomb Cairn, cardboard base, Foamboard door, and aluminum foil over watered/pva'd paper towel for strength.

The foamcore carvings. I tried to make a skyrim type door. A useful Tip for door making: I carved out the door like an idiot, but wanted the door trim features to be raised. The door shouldve been one piece with the trim included, and then apply additional foam layer for the raised surface. 

More foam carving. I used a metal tipped pen to carve.

Stair case of foamboard

water/pva'd paper towel rolled into a circle. Once dry covered in hot glue.

These two were the same method but with sand applied to the center.

Here's the first one with an endless whole at the center and figure for scale with the cairn.

GB plastic Romans, with some GB Saxon heads, and my Third Mediterranean building. 

Black Tree Germans, really love these models!

GB pagan Rus Varjazi, really love these guys.

GB 6th Century Saxons.  The three of those helmets are dated to the 7th/8th centuries, but they really embody both a nordic and post roman aesthetic. The sculpts are a bit thinner than more recent GB sculpts. Still love these guys, because those helmets are my favorite Nordic Helms.

Reaper Bones Ogre, easy enough to paint

Footsore Miniatures Roman Cataphracts, more great Minis. The footsore cataphracts are slightly smaller than the GB cataphracts. I will have comparison photos shortly.

Black Tree King I painted a while ago, but I added the white patterning onto his clothes. I bought a super thin tipped brush recently from michael's craft store, making this pattern absurdly simple to achieve.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hills and Dungeons

These hills were made from pink foam and suite my modular demands on the tabletop.  They were cut out with a hot foam cutter; textured on the sides and top by taking a broken cinder block and bashing in the textures; followed by a standard drybrushing of greys and a little tan and brown before the lightest grey. Really easy and a technique from DM Scotty.
Sadly, I think they may look a little nicer with addition of sand to the top of each piece. Oh well.

The Idea behind these hills is that they can be used as elements in a large array of settings, as well as create very different features by combining the pieces in different ways.  

Small dungeon layout, I guess I should get a copy of into the breeding pits.


 The second post of my update, Yurts. Also featured are potted plants, seen to the right in this picture.

Nomad camp

Incoming Varjazi! Notice the potted plants on the left.  They are made from plastic craft plants, glued into beads, glued to a based penny.

Here is the beginnings of yurt construction. I would do an 8 sided support over this 6 sided support.

The supports are draped with a piece of tissue that is covered in 50/50 water PVA combo. Then, a side is chosen to be an entrance.  Push the tissue paper in and cut a piece of cardoard to act as a flat surface. Glue some tissue onto the cardboard and shove it into the hole.  Finally, Paint and base to your liking.  This build was inspired by DM scotty, check out the video, for in depth instruction:

Celtic Chariots

I've been painting miniatures on a consistent basis lately. However, my blogging is not reflecting my high productivity in the miniature world. So,  I'll start chipping away at the Iceberg with these chariot pictures. The models are Wargames factory celt chariots. The chariot on the left is crewed by two warlord games celts. Boudicca is featured on the center chariot. 

I got these because it seems that the Pictish faction in SAGA: INVASIONS will have chariots involved in their armies. I am becoming increasingly ambivalent towards the new supplement, I have a huge array of faction play styles through all of the previous rule sets. Chariots are new tho. So we'll see how weak willed I am.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Frostgrave and Saga Pictures

My friend Kit from San Francisco was over and I wanted to demo some games for him. We elected for Saga and Frostgrave. I dont think I he was impressed with either system.
I took the mongol themed warband and a Necromancer Wizard, he took the frostgrave plastics and an Enchanter. We did'nt finish the game of Frostgrave, but he had 2 treasures, and I had one but was closing in on 2-3 more treasures. 1 of those was definitely going to be contested.

The archer and wizard remained covering this window to shoot the on coming enemy soldiers coming to retrieve the likely contested treasure. The thug jumped into the building.  

My warcat went after his crossbowmen and took him out.

His soldiers advance near the center building.

victorious cat

A werewolf took out one of my archers.

two wolves swarm kit's thugs and Hound, slaying his warhound.  

My Treasure hunter was killed in the center building by a grenade from the apprentice encahnter.

A spider spawned i my deployment but was taken care of by one arrow shot.

SAGA: Curonians V. Teutonic Order (Norse Gaels v. Normans)
This was an all out slaughter of the Teutonic Knights, Kit did not heed my advice for more cavalry units. He felt the Norman Board was crap. And I've had limited success with the Norman Board myself, so I don't necessarily disagree.  
Our board.

Initial Set Up

Slaughtered Teutonic Warlord

All thats left for the Order is a unit of Crossbowmen