Saturday, February 24, 2018

Small Terrain Update

For some reason I always have a hankering for more marshy terrain... my Lithuanian Half either dominates my imagination or genetic memory. Who knows

This is my latest attempt at doing marsh terrain. The process started with an MDF base; an application with my hands of ready mixed spackle to create the banks and slopes of the terrain piece; that was followed by glue and sand application (leaving the middle without sand); followed by painting the land areas; and painting the bare mdf in the middle in two to three colors giving an illusion of depth. I then flocked and based the piece; and finally added epoxy resin that I mixed and carefully poured on. (Beware expoxy resin must be mixed well or it will never cure)

This dry looking arid pond was the first attempt. I set out wanting to make a sandy looking pond. Beyond that questionable sand choice, I also made the poor choice of making the shallowist depth color a bright green; the green may have worked in a less arid looking terrain piece, but ceratinly not this one.

This piece is an extremely old Toy that I used to play with my plastic army soldiers... NOW I PAINT MY PLASTIC ARMY SOLDIERS!
Could be Airfix Terrain or any of the others, but it does make a half decent cave entrance. The sculpt was based on poster foamcore, covered in sand and then painted and flocked. I may post a closer up photo in the near future? 

This tree with a face is from michaels craft store. I could've left it without a base but I don't regret basing it and adding the rock ring. Looks like the right choice to me.

This is an older terrain piece I did about a year ago. However, I went around adding dried parsley to my more wilderness/wild and overgrown terrain pieces. The parsley was fixed to all the terrain using Liquitex matte varnish in the spot the parsley will be applied and then over the parsley. Simply drip the liquitex matte varnish when applying it to the terrain pieces. (ie. I did not brush the liquitex on).
I am really happy with that added depth it gives forresty and overgrown bases. I am however hesitant to add the parsley to miniature's bases, a light touch would definitely be necessary to avoid an outlandishly busy overgrown base.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of 2017 Mash Up

Happy New Year Friends! Here is a long overdue display of what Ive worked on for the past 6 months or so... Im fairly certain this is only a fraction. Oh well.

My Newest tree technique. Poly Fiber from woodland scenics sprayed with adhesive and sprinkled with flock. Im gonna look to source cheaper poly fiber, hopefully in light green or light brown. or tan?

Game of Saga, Huns Vs. Ostrogoths. Clash of Warlords was played to try the new factions out. The Goths won the day by luck and a poor choice of Warlord positioning. Otherwise the Huns would've likely won the following turn.


The Huns

I've had these loads of Warlord Romans unpainted for a while... For some reason I've decided to paint them... Should I have ignored them and purchased the new victrix EIR figures, probably. But maybe I should do a republican army next? Or an Antigonid army?

New Oathmark Northstar Dwarves

I get antsy if I dont do hobby work. So I kitbash and paint!

I really like the Scandinavian Fireforge heads. (Bottom right is a Teutonic head)

Bones Necromancer, GB Metals on the right, and FF Russians

Black Tree Late Romans, Warlord Games General, and a Kitbash GB head with FF russian/scandinavian body

Reaper Bones Ice troll with the addition of snow to the base, and a metal reaper wizard called Darius the Blue

Another lack of direction driven kitbash session

Some pink foam ruins on vinyl tile base. Any Oblivion fans notice the symbol?

Wargames Factory Orcs, I really like these fellows though there are definitely some negatives to the set.

Ice/magic crystals/ore

Wood Elf Gate

Chaos v. Skaven 8th edition. The Game was short lived. I lost early-mid in the game when it seemed likely I was going to break the entire skaven center and catch its Lord. After which He turned my lord and his unit into clanrats. game over, I had little else to work with...

Tall reaper bones figure, and plastic middleeastern/central asian kitbashes

Attempt at jungle terrain, not to happy with the foam bases...

Frostgrave Barbarian wizard and apprentice

GB pictish lord from one of the continental cousins packs

An attempt to make more marsh terrain thats very gameable. I dont love them

Really love the outcome of this hill.

Rubicon Halftrack

Warlord Russians

Black Tree and Warlord partisans

Warlord Pak, with other minis individually placed around it,

Black tree crusaders


More zombie kitbashes

Terrain creation out of foamcore for the road, corktile for the rocks, and cardboard for the base.