Monday, November 30, 2015

who can focus on one project anyway?

This is the random assortment I am currently working on. Majority is frostgrave stuff.
Warhounds! Im sick of using a cat in my warband

Lukas (my dog) was the inspiration for the left hound above

Good amount of work done on the Lich Lord treasure tokens

Have had these boys primed for years, nice to have some zombies to work with at last.

10 Cultists sprayed black. I made an archer, ranger, infantrymen, thief, and crossbowmen, the other 5 are generic one hand weapon and hood cultists. The supplement also has cultists listed in the bestiary, so not sure if these will be a warband or monsters or both. I saved as many of the generic robed bodies as possible for future kit bashing, yes I'm hoarding plastic.

L to R
Tracker, ranger, ranger/archer, archer, crossbowmen, marksmen


Knight, Treasure Hunter, Knight 
(The treasure hunter will have a cape, and the knight represents him in better equipment. they have the same head)

Thugs for hire. They have a high mortality rate so the more the merrier.  


Targaryen Infantry or, if they are in a Greek role, Sons of the Hydra. The shield decals are from google  images search targaryen sigil and rubber cementing the image to the shield, innovative.  These are wargames factory Greeks

My friend recently moved and he had many of his miniatures either still on their sprue or assembled and unpainted. These guys were still on their sprue, and I couldn't let these fantastic models go to waste. I have no interest in regiments anymore, so grabbing a few would offer all the satisfaction I need.

And finally, here are some historical casualty markers from gripping beast for my barbarian/dark age and medieval armies.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Two Games of Frost Grave: Game 2

Scenario 2: The Complex Temple
This Game was fought between my friend Chris and I. I didn't use the xp I gained against my brother, I substituted crossbowmen for archers, otherwise it was the same list and Same Wizard Stats/spells. I used different models as well. These guys were dubbed the Ordos Inqusitatus Necromundus. Chris played a necromancer, named Spurvis and an apprentice named Mervin. I kept Fimbar the clumsy in name, but used a different model, his apprentice was named Roger this game.
My deployment: L to R
warhound (the cat was substituted for a wolf named Fenris the following turn), thug, Roger, Infantrymen, thug, crossbowmen, treasure hunter, Fimbar, thief, and crossbowmen. 

This crossbowmen takes a perched position among the ruins.

We both moved into the temple complex rather quickly, dispensing the columns and receiving the loot. (the overturned and ruined columns are the ones where loot was taken). My treasure hunter ran into some trouble getting the loot out of the column he approached and received some damage from his failed attempt. Four giant rats appeared from Chris' rear deployment. The left side of the board was about to see some bloody action.

One of my thugs died in the beginning of the skirmish, morecarnage was soon to come. 

On the previously quiet rightside of the board Chris' Barbarian Honan, lept up some ruins to attack a crossbowmen.

Back on the leftside carnage continued, my second thug was struck down, and my infantrymen took a crossbow to the body as he closed in on the melee.

My crossbowmen miraculously survived the barbarian assault, and received help from my gallant treasure hunter.

after two rounds of combat my treasure hunter slayed the barbarian. The treasure hunters fight skill was at +8 for the melee.

My infantrymen was slain, and my apprentice was now under attack by Chris' infantrymen.

Fenris slayed a thug, and my apprentice held his own against the infantrymen.

A thug left my hound behind and charged my apprentice while he was in combat with the infantrymen, and with miraculous luck, the apprentice inflicted a critical hit on the thug.

My apprentice was still in the favor of the gods and felled the infantrymen.  At this point we called the battle. 

This scenario saw a lot of bloodshed between our warbands, which was awesome. But only one monster spawned, so that was a little upsetting.The battle was a draw, both of us received three treasures.

Two Games of frostgrave for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving holiday had my first two games of frostgrave. The first with my Brother, and the second with my friend Chris. Most of my wargaming for the past several years has taken place during the holidays. 
Scenario 1: Mausoleum
My Wizard: Fimbar the Clumsy (I gave him his moniker before the game, sealing his destiny with a permanent -1 health). Fimbar is an enchanter. My Brother took a Summoner. We also took nearly identical warbands. We both took an apprentice, archer, archer, infantrymen, warhound, treasure hunter, and the differences were, my two thugs one thief, vs, his two thieves one thug. Unbelievable!

My Warband's Right:
Right to Left
Archer, Thief, Treasure Hunter, Thus, and Fimbar is behind the buttress.

My Warband's Left: 
Left to Right
Archer, Felix the warcat, Jerome the Apprentice, Thug, and Infantrymen.

My Brothers Warband: (already on the move) 
The summoner is in the back right, his warbat to his rear, skeletal archer to the left. There must be two thieves lurking around stealthily somewhere.
The Left side: Left to Right
Apprentice, thug, Treasure Hunter, Infantrymen, and archer behind the infantrymen.

I won the initiative for several turns. I also killed his apprentice with my archer on the second soldier phase. He summoned an imp at some point with his Wizard. The Imp and the Warbat came cruising towards my right flank, while my dwarf thief picked up treasure and my Treasurehunter got shot with an arrow.

To the left his thug takes on a skeleton in the fountain.

After some arrow fire and a skeletol attack my thief is vanquished.

My thug comes under attack from a skeleton

my treasure hunter hugs the tree line to avoid further archer fire. A moment of relief occurs after he dispatches the imp and warbat.

Fimbar is down for the count. After taking an arrow, and losing health to get a spell off, Fimbar is finished of by a spell from the summoner that removes his final three health. I wish I remebered to cast his familiar spell before the game that wouldve given him +2 health, oh well. He survived, but his wounds left him with a permanent -1 health for the rest of the campaign. The Clumsy bastard. I scored some sweet treasure, and my brother got some serious XP for taking down my wizard with his wizard. The game was a draw, with three treasures picked up for both sides.The Game was loads of fun and action packed!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Scots are here!

Let me start by saying how much I love these GB models. The models have such a variety in armor and have positions that ooze character.  Just as important for me is the ability to use models in varying contexts. These guys are good from the mid 3rd century as Picts or Irish raiders and scots untill the late twelfth for highlander/ islemen armies.  Dare I say, even islemen/highlanders of the early 14th century.
Anyway I painted these up for my buddy. They were sitting in my house for years with a grainy spraypaint coat that we thought may have ruined the models. But these models were too awesome to waste. I simple greened the boys and removed the layer of primer. The successful removal of the primer gave me the inspiration to see the Scots through. I knew my friend was likely not going to. I also had been practicing tartan patterns on my Barbarian army, so I felt confident in my ability for the Scots.

Some fantasy Celtic elements thrown in (maybe I'll purchase the rules Of Gods and Mortals).

Spear Hearth Guard and Warlord

Hand Weapon Hearth Guard and Warlord

Warriors 1

Warriors 2

Now I need some saga action. Need 2 more points though.... but I have suitable stand in hearthguards, warriors, and levys, for now.

Update of random proportions

This is a massive haul I picked up in August. I visited Long Islands Warstore Warehouse, which is in long island's north fork farm country, and of course the warehouse is on a farm.  Being surrounded by seemingly endless wargameing merchandise can even make the most frugal wargamer go on a little bit of a spending bender. Ah the consumer in me took hold and I bought hoards of plastic men, and a little scenery. Other than the scenery, the purchased sprues remain 80% untouched. I glued together a dozen random figures, and sprayed a dozen sprues.

Here is the beginnings of my Game of Thrones forces. Eddard Stark (plastic perry WOTR body and GB head and GW cape) surrounded by his elite retainers (GW Teutogen Guard).

None of my deer transfers are black, and Ive always wanted to give a sharpie a go for free-handing heraldry. Here Start the Baratheons

I've been bitten by the plastic kit bashing bug recently, especially after seeing what people have done for Game of Thrones figures and Frostgrave warbands. So I satiated myself with some easy conversions (GB viking heads and Warlord celt bodies) and easy paint up.

 Here is Robert Baratheon. Younger and less fat. Yes, his helmet horns are not stag horns, but the helmet is awesome.