Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hills and Dungeons

These hills were made from pink foam and suite my modular demands on the tabletop.  They were cut out with a hot foam cutter; textured on the sides and top by taking a broken cinder block and bashing in the textures; followed by a standard drybrushing of greys and a little tan and brown before the lightest grey. Really easy and a technique from DM Scotty.
Sadly, I think they may look a little nicer with addition of sand to the top of each piece. Oh well.

The Idea behind these hills is that they can be used as elements in a large array of settings, as well as create very different features by combining the pieces in different ways.  

Small dungeon layout, I guess I should get a copy of into the breeding pits.


 The second post of my update, Yurts. Also featured are potted plants, seen to the right in this picture.

Nomad camp

Incoming Varjazi! Notice the potted plants on the left.  They are made from plastic craft plants, glued into beads, glued to a based penny.

Here is the beginnings of yurt construction. I would do an 8 sided support over this 6 sided support.

The supports are draped with a piece of tissue that is covered in 50/50 water PVA combo. Then, a side is chosen to be an entrance.  Push the tissue paper in and cut a piece of cardoard to act as a flat surface. Glue some tissue onto the cardboard and shove it into the hole.  Finally, Paint and base to your liking.  This build was inspired by DM scotty, check out the video, for in depth instruction:

Celtic Chariots

I've been painting miniatures on a consistent basis lately. However, my blogging is not reflecting my high productivity in the miniature world. So,  I'll start chipping away at the Iceberg with these chariot pictures. The models are Wargames factory celt chariots. The chariot on the left is crewed by two warlord games celts. Boudicca is featured on the center chariot. 

I got these because it seems that the Pictish faction in SAGA: INVASIONS will have chariots involved in their armies. I am becoming increasingly ambivalent towards the new supplement, I have a huge array of faction play styles through all of the previous rule sets. Chariots are new tho. So we'll see how weak willed I am.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Frostgrave and Saga Pictures

My friend Kit from San Francisco was over and I wanted to demo some games for him. We elected for Saga and Frostgrave. I dont think I he was impressed with either system.
I took the mongol themed warband and a Necromancer Wizard, he took the frostgrave plastics and an Enchanter. We did'nt finish the game of Frostgrave, but he had 2 treasures, and I had one but was closing in on 2-3 more treasures. 1 of those was definitely going to be contested.

The archer and wizard remained covering this window to shoot the on coming enemy soldiers coming to retrieve the likely contested treasure. The thug jumped into the building.  

My warcat went after his crossbowmen and took him out.

His soldiers advance near the center building.

victorious cat

A werewolf took out one of my archers.

two wolves swarm kit's thugs and Hound, slaying his warhound.  

My Treasure hunter was killed in the center building by a grenade from the apprentice encahnter.

A spider spawned i my deployment but was taken care of by one arrow shot.

SAGA: Curonians V. Teutonic Order (Norse Gaels v. Normans)
This was an all out slaughter of the Teutonic Knights, Kit did not heed my advice for more cavalry units. He felt the Norman Board was crap. And I've had limited success with the Norman Board myself, so I don't necessarily disagree.  
Our board.

Initial Set Up

Slaughtered Teutonic Warlord

All thats left for the Order is a unit of Crossbowmen

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Finished Rune Stones, Burial Mound, and Rocky hills

Just thought I would post some pictures of the based Runestones as well as a better shot of the pink foam hills, using the DM Scotty Rock face technique. 

The Last pic of these hills had no models for scale and was quite boring

See my previous post for any instructions I gave.

Monday, September 12, 2016

GB Pagan Rus, Norse Gael axemen, Viking Ship Crew, and Terrain

These Gripping Beast Figures were gifted to me from a Friend that came to visit New York from San Francisco. The models are awesome, really love the newer GB ranges. I was so excited about the models I went straight into building and painting them.
First up the Norse Gael Axemen, one of them sadly is missing from the shot...oops

Some Pagan Rus warriors with various Baltic symbols on the shields

The Viking Captain and Crew

These Runestone were exceedingly easy to make. I just lopped off some pink foam pieces and carved in the details with a pen.  The runes on the border were carved with the pen, but in hindsight was an unnecessary step, painting them on would've been sufficient.

Heres the WIP shot

These hills were made from pink foam and suite my modular demands on the tabletop.  They were cut out with a hot foam cutter; textured on the sides and top by taking a broken cinder block and bashing in the textures; followed by a standard drybrushing of greys and a little tan and brown before the lightest grey. Really easy and a technique from DM Scotty.

Finally, the burial mound with sword. This idea was nicked off the user Jericho from the lead adventure forum, he made his for his late Roman/Arthurians for a Sarmatian type burial. The base is cardboard/ the mound was made by crumpling a piece of paper towel and covering it in PVA, then placing a piece of paper towel over the mound to create the gradual slope into the ground, also covered with pva.  Then the standard basing technique was used (just sand).  

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Battle of Deadwald

As Rogvaldas' army marched south to plunder the weak lands of men, they encountered a stench very familiar for those devoted to Nurgle. The stench of death and decay.  Rogvaldas and his Chieftains gave the orders to push further South through Deadwald with hopes of avoiding the unliving. The undead were a chore to combat with little glory or carnage. The only glory found in fighting undead comes from felling a vampire or a vampiric creature. The army and the Gods would prefer a real opponent, a living opponent. 
As the army continued through Deadwald, it became increasingly clear that they were not alone and their presence was unwelcome.  Rogvaldas' quickly drew his battle line.  

Meet the Lords and Heroes of Chaos
Rogvaldas Storm Rider and Ivar the Unbound, as well as their bodyguard of Chaos warriors.

Baldir the Bastard, and Vilkas Dragon Tongue, with their marauder tribesmen 

And the Hero of the battle Rurikas the Unyielding and his Warrior bodyguard.

Meet the foul undead
Uhtred Von Karstein, and his skeleton horde

Heinrich Kimmler the Deranged. A Necromancer on his beloved corpse cart.

And Goebels the Wight along with his Grave-guard 

The Field of Deadwald pre deployment

Deployed Battle Lines: I refused a left flanking force, because I was seriously outnumbered.

Opening views

Black Knights make a rash decision and charge out of the woods at Rurikas' and his warriors. A unit of ghouls surges behind, through the forest, in anticipation of flesh consumption

On the Right Flank, a slaughter-brute catches the ethereal hex knights, where they remained engaged until the penultimate turn when the hex knights finally fell the beast.  

The Baldir the Bastard, Vilkas and their Marauders meet the graveguard for greatweapon on greatweapon action. And the Chaos Knights charge the Skeleton spearmen.

Sadly this is where my pictures came to a grinding halt. Probably because its where the battle was in full swing and all units were engaged in combat.  Rogvaldas and his warriors met Uhtred and his Skeletol horde in Combat. Rogvaldas challenged Uhtred in single combat, and the two remained locked in their duel for 5 rounds of combat. Rogvaldas was outfitted with 2 extra attacks from his Tyrfingas sword and armor forged by chaos dwarves that bestows a +4 ward save and the mark of tzeentch stacking his ward save to +3.  The damned Vampire had a beguiling power that forced a leadership test at reduced leadership, and if failed all successful hits had to be rerolled. Rogvaldas failed every leadership test in the duel. Rogvaldas wounded the vampire Uhtred every other turn, but those wounds were often regenerated through foul necromancy.  The Vampire was finding it difficult to wound Rogvaldas. However, the Necromancer Kimmler boosted the undead armies fighting capabilities, giving Uhtred the final edge needed to fell Rogvaldas Storm Rider in their long duel. However Rogvaldas' Bodygaurd and Ivar the Unbound carried on the combat with their flank occupied by a horde of zombies.  Eventually the remaining warriors killed all the skeletons left in Uhtreds unit, leaving the Vampire to take the wounds the undead incur from losing combat. This was the end of Uhtred.  Though Kimmler lost his beloved corpsecart by a blast of fiery chaos magic from Vilkas Dragon Tongue, the undead army was lucky the necromancer lord Kimmler was alive and well, and held the undead forces intact

Rurikas and his warriors slaughtered the Black Knights, and then were surrounded by ghouls and freshly raised skeletons on their flank.  A terrorgheist flew over the chaos battle line and met the Hellcannon in comabat, where the Hellcannon and chaos dwarves met their ends.

The Graveguard and Marauders were also locked into a long combat, that eventually lead to the graveguard victory and the demise of Baldir the bastard, Vilkas Dragon Tongue and their Tribesmen. But before Baldir the bastard met his end he killed Goebels the Wight in single combat.

The final turn looked like this: The Graveguard had failed to kill the remaining Chaos Knights and the hex knight refused to help in the combat for fear of losing its last knight and counting for VP points.  The terrorgeist was off in irrelevant land. Rurikas and his warriors were able to catch the Necromancer Kimmler and brutalized his corpse.  This final kill gave the ultimate edge in victory points to the Chaos forces, if Kimmler remained the battle would've been a draw.