Thursday, November 3, 2016


 The second post of my update, Yurts. Also featured are potted plants, seen to the right in this picture.

Nomad camp

Incoming Varjazi! Notice the potted plants on the left.  They are made from plastic craft plants, glued into beads, glued to a based penny.

Here is the beginnings of yurt construction. I would do an 8 sided support over this 6 sided support.

The supports are draped with a piece of tissue that is covered in 50/50 water PVA combo. Then, a side is chosen to be an entrance.  Push the tissue paper in and cut a piece of cardoard to act as a flat surface. Glue some tissue onto the cardboard and shove it into the hole.  Finally, Paint and base to your liking.  This build was inspired by DM scotty, check out the video, for in depth instruction:

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