Saturday, February 24, 2018

Small Terrain Update

For some reason I always have a hankering for more marshy terrain... my Lithuanian Half either dominates my imagination or genetic memory. Who knows

This is my latest attempt at doing marsh terrain. The process started with an MDF base; an application with my hands of ready mixed spackle to create the banks and slopes of the terrain piece; that was followed by glue and sand application (leaving the middle without sand); followed by painting the land areas; and painting the bare mdf in the middle in two to three colors giving an illusion of depth. I then flocked and based the piece; and finally added epoxy resin that I mixed and carefully poured on. (Beware expoxy resin must be mixed well or it will never cure)

This dry looking arid pond was the first attempt. I set out wanting to make a sandy looking pond. Beyond that questionable sand choice, I also made the poor choice of making the shallowist depth color a bright green; the green may have worked in a less arid looking terrain piece, but ceratinly not this one.

This piece is an extremely old Toy that I used to play with my plastic army soldiers... NOW I PAINT MY PLASTIC ARMY SOLDIERS!
Could be Airfix Terrain or any of the others, but it does make a half decent cave entrance. The sculpt was based on poster foamcore, covered in sand and then painted and flocked. I may post a closer up photo in the near future? 

This tree with a face is from michaels craft store. I could've left it without a base but I don't regret basing it and adding the rock ring. Looks like the right choice to me.

This is an older terrain piece I did about a year ago. However, I went around adding dried parsley to my more wilderness/wild and overgrown terrain pieces. The parsley was fixed to all the terrain using Liquitex matte varnish in the spot the parsley will be applied and then over the parsley. Simply drip the liquitex matte varnish when applying it to the terrain pieces. (ie. I did not brush the liquitex on).
I am really happy with that added depth it gives forresty and overgrown bases. I am however hesitant to add the parsley to miniature's bases, a light touch would definitely be necessary to avoid an outlandishly busy overgrown base.