Friday, July 24, 2015

Finished haunted forest CDs, New cobble textured paper, and More!

 I forgot to clay the edges of the cardboard that cover the center of the cd. The clay creates a smooth transition from the cardbaord to the cd, concealing the edges of the cardboard.

This is the clay is use. Its around 3$ for the whole block. Best of all it never fully dries, so the brick doesnt go to waste.

Dryad parts were glued to the twigs.

Sand was glued to the cd base, followed by a spray of valspar dark brown over the whole terrain piece. The sand was drybrushed with a cheap acrylic tan, and the trees were drybrushed with a medium grey. A random green drybrush was then applied to both the trees and the sand, and voila.

Id take my time before entering these woods.... (close up shot with flash creates the nighttime effect).

My dogs deceased stuffed animal stuffing came in handy to create an eerie fog.

Wood elf/pagan waystones taken from the wood elf glade guard set. They are based on pennies (cheapest base around!) with sand applied to the penny after the waystone. The Waystone on the far right had extra vines created with hot glue, it was a complete pleasant accident.

Finished stones with static grass and army painter flowers.

Popsicle sticks with sand, followed by the application of the craft rope thing.


Both the Cd terrain and the hedgerows/bocage were created in two afternoons. Longest and hardest part of the process is waiting for glue and paint to dry.

Here is the new cobble road. The order of Tannenberg are seeking out ancient horrors.


Friday, July 17, 2015

Miniature Update, and WIP CD Terrain Forests

The Storm Giant

These guys have been done for a little while. They're pretty cool in my opinion. They are kit bashed  fireforge foot knights with fireforge foot sergeants, and wargames factory bows. They are pretty generic looking troops, and also look like human rangers for fantasy settings. Im quite pleased with them.

I also recently finished the pegasus hobbies buildings in this picture. I only Used Spray paint! First coat was a full black cover. Followed by a medium grey spray that only came from a downward spraying angle. Followed by a lighter grey with only downward spray as well.

the two buildings that border the immediate foreground also got sprayed with a dark brown and black for damage effects. Kinda wish I didnt do that. The damage effects feel/look out of place in the fantasy setting. It looks like a bombed out building. I wouldve preferred old crumbling ruins not bombed out building. oh well.

WIP CD forests. Hot glue and twigs, thats it. The brown twig cds will be spooky forests. The white twig cd is going to be one of many birch tree stands,

Thin cardboad was glued in the center of the cds to cover the hole.  

I shouldve put clay around the cardboard before i glued the trees, on but when the terrain bug bites you, some times you just go with the flow.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Storm Giant, Reaper Bones

Hello all. On Thursday I received the Reaper bones storm giant. I hot it for 3.75 free shipping on ebay.... Best 4 dollars I ever spent? quite possibly. Whats so exciting for me about this mini, is that it can simply be a wild storm giant, or an aspect of the various polytheistic lightning/storm gods such as: Thor, Zeus, Poseidon, and the Baltic Perkunas. I neglected to spray this bones figure because I started painting him the second the package came. I couldnt wait... Sadly it small spots on the model to be quite resistant to paint, especially the heavily watered paints. So ya....lesson learned. Spray dem bones.
I started by painting the skin and hair in a dark dark blue.

I drybrushed a medium blue (mordian blue) and than did some line streaks with w.e light blue Gw paint I had.

Fast foreward a little... and I gave those light blue streaks a slightly thinner white streak on top of the light blue. The armor was painted in GWs Tin Bitz, and the skirt was painted purple by mixing some cheap acrylic paints. Drybrusherd the hair white

I painted the straps brown

A scale shot for ya. That reaper figure is Karl the ranger... hes not bones. Also for those that dont know reaper figures are extremely tall, probably measure in at 32mm, and what some consider heroic 28mm. They are too damn tall in my opinion.

And here is the nearly finished model. The armor was washed with asurmen blue, as were all the lightning streaks on his body. The purple skirt was also washed with asurmen blue, and the brown leather straps were washed with thraka green (dont know why I chose thraka green, but im pleased with the decision).

The sword was basecoated with the light blue gw paint and given white streaks. It was then slathered with asurmen blue wash. I think the model Is Awesome! I never know how my model will turn out and my plans always twist to places I dont expect. Never the less.... Hes awesome.

Now I just gotta figure out when and how Im gonna use him. Cant wait for dragon rampant..... Also have to try out a song of blades and heros sooner or later.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Messenger, Part 2

Welcome to Part two of the two part Messenger Battle report.

It seems the pagans hadn't travelled far in part 1. Krivas still had a long road to safety.

As the Order's army repositioned itself in a defensive posture between the marshes, a unit of brother knights was charged by ferocious pagans.

3 Knights were cut down by pagan axes, while the ferocious pagan warband lost 2.

 The Knights fled the battlefield. The Pagans were gaining momentum.

The Ferocious warband continued their advance, and wildly charged the Brother Serjeants. The Brother Serjeants were in schiltron formation, creating an impenetrable defensive position. 

 The ferocious warband fell back, and eventually took some crossbow fire...

...Which caused the remaining men to flee from the battlefield.

In the south a group of Brother Knights charged the baltic spearmen.

After the combat the remaining spearmen headed for the hills. The knights also came out of the melee battered.

At this point we called the game. The Order had successfully destroyed The pagans ability of getting Krivas to safety. 

The Pagans were now surrounded. 

There was but only one choice.... 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lion Rampant game 4, the Messenger, Part 1

For our fourth game of Lion rampant (3rd northern crusades battle), we played the scenario H, The messenger. The scenario entails taking a non combatant figure from one table corner across the battlefield to the far diagonal corner of the table. This scenario seemed fitting because the last battle the pagans rescued the pagan priest Krivas. Now they have to make their way back to pagan territory with the priest.  

The pagan deployment in the northwest corner of the battlefield.

A long trek awaits the pagans, as well as some....violence.

In the southwest deployment zone the crusaders placed a unit of archers, to immediately harass the pagan movement.

The archers unleashed several volleys upon my nobles (mounted serjeants with bows). Eventually I brought the archers into melee causing only 5 wounds. Not enough to make the archers half strength, while my mounted noble units were diminished and battered.

The archers rallied on a remarkable role and it seemed that God favored the devout. My nobles were continuing to flee, losing even more men.

The archers now had to make some headway north to continue their active role in the field

Meanwhile, in the north, the pagans steadily advanced as the Brother Knights (for some reason mounted serjeants this game) closed distance. Back in the south the pesky crusader archers were finally reduced to 5 men by bow fire from my mounted nobles. This brought them below half strength, and caused them to break. The southern pagan flank was now secure. The archers had no chance of regrouping.

The pagan archers are getting into a position where they can unleash hell upon the Brother Knights. The Pagan foot-yeomen form a shield wall (schiltron) in preparation for the knights' charge. 

In the south, the knights charged the remaining pagan nobles. The knights' charge was less effective due to the rough terrain, the knights lost one of their brothers and killed one of the pagans, causing the knights to retreat.  The sole surviving noble pagan, lost his courage and fed the battlefield.

 The knights after their retreat. The Fierce pagans loom in the background, as well as the horde of yeomen around the farmhouse. Plenty of rough terrain to trap the knights!

The crusading commander has taken a pagan helmet as a trophy. Is this some form of trickery? The evil christians know no bounds.

The Knights of the Sword are about to charge the pagan lines, but before they do, the pagan archers unleash a volley of arrows killing 2 knights.

The knights charge the archers and kill 3 pagans, but the foolish knights lose a man in the melee as well.

This rule Im not sure about, it may only apply to wild charges and I didn't feel like checking. but I believe a unit in lion rampant has to charge the closest unit? Either way I Made the crusaders role a d6 with a 50% chance of charging the archers again and a 50% chance of charging the foot-yeomen in schiltron. As You Can see the Knights charged the foot-yeomen.
The combat goes well for the yeomen

The knights are cut down to a man.

This is as far as chris and i got this game. It took us three hours (including deployment) to get to this point. Well see who prevails next time. With the mounted nobles diminished in the south, the pagan advance will be slow. I am not looking forward to facing the crusader crossbows........

And, Chris picked up this figure from Reaper. its not reaper bones. He asked me to paint it for him. Took me about 45 mins, definitely a nice looking ranger.

Here is a new addition to the above Lion rampant game. The Pagans are racing to get Krivas to the river, where a boat offers a swift escape