Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Messenger, Part 2

Welcome to Part two of the two part Messenger Battle report.

It seems the pagans hadn't travelled far in part 1. Krivas still had a long road to safety.

As the Order's army repositioned itself in a defensive posture between the marshes, a unit of brother knights was charged by ferocious pagans.

3 Knights were cut down by pagan axes, while the ferocious pagan warband lost 2.

 The Knights fled the battlefield. The Pagans were gaining momentum.

The Ferocious warband continued their advance, and wildly charged the Brother Serjeants. The Brother Serjeants were in schiltron formation, creating an impenetrable defensive position. 

 The ferocious warband fell back, and eventually took some crossbow fire...

...Which caused the remaining men to flee from the battlefield.

In the south a group of Brother Knights charged the baltic spearmen.

After the combat the remaining spearmen headed for the hills. The knights also came out of the melee battered.

At this point we called the game. The Order had successfully destroyed The pagans ability of getting Krivas to safety. 

The Pagans were now surrounded. 

There was but only one choice.... 

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