Friday, July 10, 2015

Storm Giant, Reaper Bones

Hello all. On Thursday I received the Reaper bones storm giant. I hot it for 3.75 free shipping on ebay.... Best 4 dollars I ever spent? quite possibly. Whats so exciting for me about this mini, is that it can simply be a wild storm giant, or an aspect of the various polytheistic lightning/storm gods such as: Thor, Zeus, Poseidon, and the Baltic Perkunas. I neglected to spray this bones figure because I started painting him the second the package came. I couldnt wait... Sadly it small spots on the model to be quite resistant to paint, especially the heavily watered paints. So ya....lesson learned. Spray dem bones.
I started by painting the skin and hair in a dark dark blue.

I drybrushed a medium blue (mordian blue) and than did some line streaks with w.e light blue Gw paint I had.

Fast foreward a little... and I gave those light blue streaks a slightly thinner white streak on top of the light blue. The armor was painted in GWs Tin Bitz, and the skirt was painted purple by mixing some cheap acrylic paints. Drybrusherd the hair white

I painted the straps brown

A scale shot for ya. That reaper figure is Karl the ranger... hes not bones. Also for those that dont know reaper figures are extremely tall, probably measure in at 32mm, and what some consider heroic 28mm. They are too damn tall in my opinion.

And here is the nearly finished model. The armor was washed with asurmen blue, as were all the lightning streaks on his body. The purple skirt was also washed with asurmen blue, and the brown leather straps were washed with thraka green (dont know why I chose thraka green, but im pleased with the decision).

The sword was basecoated with the light blue gw paint and given white streaks. It was then slathered with asurmen blue wash. I think the model Is Awesome! I never know how my model will turn out and my plans always twist to places I dont expect. Never the less.... Hes awesome.

Now I just gotta figure out when and how Im gonna use him. Cant wait for dragon rampant..... Also have to try out a song of blades and heros sooner or later.

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