Friday, July 24, 2015

Finished haunted forest CDs, New cobble textured paper, and More!

 I forgot to clay the edges of the cardboard that cover the center of the cd. The clay creates a smooth transition from the cardbaord to the cd, concealing the edges of the cardboard.

This is the clay is use. Its around 3$ for the whole block. Best of all it never fully dries, so the brick doesnt go to waste.

Dryad parts were glued to the twigs.

Sand was glued to the cd base, followed by a spray of valspar dark brown over the whole terrain piece. The sand was drybrushed with a cheap acrylic tan, and the trees were drybrushed with a medium grey. A random green drybrush was then applied to both the trees and the sand, and voila.

Id take my time before entering these woods.... (close up shot with flash creates the nighttime effect).

My dogs deceased stuffed animal stuffing came in handy to create an eerie fog.

Wood elf/pagan waystones taken from the wood elf glade guard set. They are based on pennies (cheapest base around!) with sand applied to the penny after the waystone. The Waystone on the far right had extra vines created with hot glue, it was a complete pleasant accident.

Finished stones with static grass and army painter flowers.

Popsicle sticks with sand, followed by the application of the craft rope thing.


Both the Cd terrain and the hedgerows/bocage were created in two afternoons. Longest and hardest part of the process is waiting for glue and paint to dry.

Here is the new cobble road. The order of Tannenberg are seeking out ancient horrors.


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