Sunday, January 6, 2019

Mission: Bloodmoon

The Ranging party was making their way back from the Shadow Deep to their barracks when they came across a group of tattered auxiliary border guardsmen. The Guardsmen approached and had frightened looks across their faces. 

The Guardsman had been attacked by a pair of Werewolves the previous night. The werewolves ripped through the majority of their garrison, only four men remained. The remaining auxiliaries, Covin, Seb, Nicolan, and Orin requested the Rangers' assistance in investigating the attack.

The party gathered at the southwestern approach of the barracks. 

And advanced cautiously, as the stench of death and wet dog permeated through the air

The party split up with the Auxiliaries heading east and the Rangers heading North. A wolf sprung out of the nearby wood and attacked the auxiliaries. The wolf was killed with little hardship.

As the Rangers approached the Barracks Farm, three shadow deep flies emerged from farm muck. 

Seb detached from the auxiliaries to investigate a raft floating in the pond. He found a dead auxiliary on the raft with obvious werewolf claw lacerations

The Rangers continued their leisurely fly extermination

While the Auxiliaries engaged in rat extermination

The Rangers switched gears toward rat extermination as well

A howl came from within the barracks. The Werewolf had decided to make his presence known

Gaius ventured into the farm muck to investigate a clue

The auxiliaries were proving less capable exterminators than the Rangers

Seb climbed atop the raft and made way to the water's edge. God only knows what lurked beneath.

The Rangers gathered their strength before the impending face off with the Werewolf

As Seb made his way to investigate the hay cart, a zombie emerged from the depths of the pond

Seb was caught by surprise by the Zombie

Orin ventured into the woods and found an old man cowering amongst the trees

Nicolan and Covin rushed to aid Seb. Nicolan's careful blade brought the end of the zombie

Seb made his way to the cart, and found the carcass of a dead dog.

A grimwolf emerged from the wood behind the barn

The Rangers swarmed the werewolf, but a grimwolf emerged from elsewhere in the barracks and attacked Valerian

Gaius joined the rest of the rangers and removed the grimwolf threat. The Rangers were now free to take down the Werewolf

The Auxiliaries made their way to the barracks 

a grimwolf was bearing down on the auxiliaries, while the Ranger's investigated the barracks. Outside Nicolan began shrieking coughing and hunching over.

NICOLAN was the second Werewolf...the auxiliaries were in for a fight

Nicolan engaged his former brethren but was bested in his attack. Seb then brought the final blow to the hellspawn's existence with his weighty axe.