Friday, July 22, 2016

Terrain, Huns, and Fireforge markers

In anticipation of Saga Invasions, I've started a Hun/generic Steppe army.  So far, I've largely used a box of GB Arab Heavy Cavalry and FF Mongol cavalry.  The heavy cav is a mix of both sets, mostly from the GB arab set, and the light cav is mostly made from the FF mongol set, with some warlord celt heads and torsos thrown in.  Also in the background of the first picture is Fireforge's new Black Hood command set.
Elite Cav

Light cav

I started to paint the loot and burn tokens from Fireforge, I wonder if they'll be sending the rules with my next/final portion of the Russian kickstarter sets. The kickstarter didnt seem like it earned much funding, and Fireforge has really mishandled this kickstarter... I coudlve purchased the Russian plastic set a month ago from other retailers with free shipping, yet I still dont have mine.  The fireforge site offers free shipping on certain order amounts yet for the kickstarter this didnt apply.... So it seems like it was a largely pointless endeavor to participate in their kickstarter. If I hadnt I woudlve saved money on shipping as well as had the Russian plastic set by now... Bizzarre

And Finally some forrest terrain.  I really enjoy creating and building terrain for miniatures. It might even be the portion of the hobby in which I find the most satisfaction and creative vigor.  These pieces were quite easy. The smaller trees are fallen tree branches hot glued to cardboard, with sand and a large rock added to weigh down the base.  The large tree is made from the cardboard from a paper towel roll, crumpled slightly to give an irregular shape, covered with one layer of PVA and paper towels, roots created from rolled up wet toilet paper covered in PVA, the branches were created by puncturing kebab skewers into trunk and gluing foliage to the ends, the whole model was then textured/reinforced with a hot glue gun, which creates the bark texture on the tree.  I will definitely be making more of the paper towel roll trees, sadly I have to go through a lot more paper towels before I can make more. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Arthurians and Celtic Northerners

Here's the nearly complete Arthurian/Late Roman armored Infantry. The Figures are a mix of West Wind and Gripping Beast.  The dragon windsock banner needs some details painted, and the bannerman in front of the door needs a banner. 

The Celts. L to R: Javelinmen, Hearthguard, Warriors.

I purchased a sprue of conquest archers, I might've posted them before, but here they are now

I repainted the cultist hoods from brown to light grey. Gives them more of a wintery feel.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Long Overdue Update

These pictures are months old and ive been lazy about blogging them.  The Figures werent 100% done and I guess I was waiting for their completion and to set them up on the gaming table before I actually posted them. Oh well.
Here we have some Celtic/Pictish/Scottish reinforcements for Saga or Lion Rapmant.  The armored figures to the right are hearthguard made with Warlord Celt bodies and GB Saxon Thegn heads.  As I delve into the migration/invasion era research it really is apparent that most osprey depictions and figures on the market wear similar equipment no matter the region they hail from.  The GB Saxon Thegn helmets are representations of a helmet from the 600s and reflects post roman/late roman design features. These helmets are totally appropriate for any use from the 400s to 800s. The unit to the left are levy javelinmen made from perry sudanese tribesmen and wargames factory celtic and germanic heads.  The sudanese outfits looked like togas/kilts so I figured it would work.

This is a unit of 8 warriors for my celtic/pictish/scottish forces using some warlord celtic bodies and GB dark age bodies with mostly GB saxon thegn heads.

These are GB late Roman/Arthurian metal figures, and West Wind arthurians.  The GB non Saga metal ranges are rare to come by in the States so I jumped on the purchase from ebay when  I saw them, probably a year ago. Saga Invasions, Saga in the late Roman Era, will hopefully be coming out within a year. So I've fully invested in creating some forces to play upon its release.  

Set up some terrain for a frostgrave table

These Figures are the perry HYW French infantry plastics.  The set is awesome and has a vast array of armaments and armor types.  I built these figures to possibly split purposes as both GOT Stark infantry as well as 1300-1400s Lithuanians, but I think I am gonna fully go into the Stark Infantry look and scrap the Lithuanian uses.