Friday, July 8, 2016

Long Overdue Update

These pictures are months old and ive been lazy about blogging them.  The Figures werent 100% done and I guess I was waiting for their completion and to set them up on the gaming table before I actually posted them. Oh well.
Here we have some Celtic/Pictish/Scottish reinforcements for Saga or Lion Rapmant.  The armored figures to the right are hearthguard made with Warlord Celt bodies and GB Saxon Thegn heads.  As I delve into the migration/invasion era research it really is apparent that most osprey depictions and figures on the market wear similar equipment no matter the region they hail from.  The GB Saxon Thegn helmets are representations of a helmet from the 600s and reflects post roman/late roman design features. These helmets are totally appropriate for any use from the 400s to 800s. The unit to the left are levy javelinmen made from perry sudanese tribesmen and wargames factory celtic and germanic heads.  The sudanese outfits looked like togas/kilts so I figured it would work.

This is a unit of 8 warriors for my celtic/pictish/scottish forces using some warlord celtic bodies and GB dark age bodies with mostly GB saxon thegn heads.

These are GB late Roman/Arthurian metal figures, and West Wind arthurians.  The GB non Saga metal ranges are rare to come by in the States so I jumped on the purchase from ebay when  I saw them, probably a year ago. Saga Invasions, Saga in the late Roman Era, will hopefully be coming out within a year. So I've fully invested in creating some forces to play upon its release.  

Set up some terrain for a frostgrave table

These Figures are the perry HYW French infantry plastics.  The set is awesome and has a vast array of armaments and armor types.  I built these figures to possibly split purposes as both GOT Stark infantry as well as 1300-1400s Lithuanians, but I think I am gonna fully go into the Stark Infantry look and scrap the Lithuanian uses.

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