Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Pictures from the last few months

Here is my two completed Viking/Baltic Halls with defending warriors

These next few are a SAGA battle with brother.  Normans versus Bretons.  Both of us had never previously used  our respective factions.  We used bretonnians as normans (with some empire crossbowmen), and kislev, marauder horsemen, and elven horsemen, as light breton horsemen.  Sadly I was utterly destroyed in repeats to both the objective and deaths....... The bretons are a tricky and annoying bunch.  But with the kislev and norse horsemen versus fully armored knights, this battle fit perfectly into my northern crusades theme.

My brother likes open battlefields for most of our wargames.....

A Jomsviking versus Scots battle... Another loss for me... I only took pictures of the battles I lost apparently... I swear!

Embarking on the Green Stuff voyage

Hello to my readers! it has been around 3 months since my last post, sorry.  That being said I will begin to post the minimal stuff Ive done in the past 3 months. yay!

These are my first green stuff sculpts.  The man on the right has received a fur lined cape, and the warrior on the left received a plume.  Both were not complicated.  Modelling fur greenstuff is quite easy. All you need besides greenstuff is a hobby knife or box cutter.  Since this photo I have utilized greenstuff 4 or 5 times to make furs!