Friday, August 7, 2015

a Cart from Scratch

The simple popsicle cart. Here is the mostly finished body, achieved by cutting a couple of popsicle sticks into vaguely similar lengths. Wood glue was used to glue the popsickles togethor. The chassis and penny wheels were hot glued. The next step was to cover the ugly penny wheel. This was achieved by cutting thin cardboard similar to cereal box cardboard into penny size circles (the cardboard used was from GB plastic vikings' box). After the circle has been cut make columns by dragging a pen with a metal tip in vaguely even intervals.

Glue the cardboard to the pennies.

The (extremely complicated) underside.

The cart was sprayed dark brown and given a lazy tan dry brush that went along the wood grains, as well as the top edges of the cart's popsickle sticks. EASY cart.

GW bits glued to pennies and based and a woodchip with a sword glued to it (the sword in the stone). Still contemplating frostgrave........

Monday, August 3, 2015

A package arrived! If you don't paint the minis within a reasonable time of their arrival, they'll never get painted!

Arthurians! GB Arthurian figures are hard to come by via US distributors. I found these on ebay for reasonable prices. (left to right: arthurian armored warriors, arthurian personalities,  and west wind guys without heads)
Some of these GB figures have horrible mold lines. I only have experience with GB's plastics and metal saga minis. These older sculpts are not as clean.

On top: Romano british spearmen in helmets. Bottom: Romano british unarmoured spearmen. (they are really cool and suitable for welsh or scottish armies).

West Wind Romano British Cavalry. Im upset about the heads I received, there are too many duplicates, and I only received 1 copy of my favorite head sprue. 

Additionally, I got a pack of GB arthurian Saxon Heros, as well as GB now OOP Rus Varjazi. I quickly primed these fellows so they could join the ranks of my Baltic pagan army. The Saxon Heros are similar in height to the GB Jomsviking range, they both tower over most other miniatures. The Rus are a more normal 28mm size, however the left most Rus axeman was a terrible sculpt. Some doctoring was necessary to enable the Varjazi to hold his axe in a way that looked physically possible. After that the sculpt bothered me way less. The hand was chopped off with a hobby knife and rotated.

These boys are looking ferocious and almost ready for action. Just add flock and voila.

These are random GW parts glued on to pennies with sand added. Don't know what Im gonna use them for. I may cave and buy frostgrave, and then they'll have a purpose!