Thursday, April 28, 2016


The Draugr have been awoken! The LOTR army of the dead now have some reinforcements. The non LOTR minis are warlord celts with mantic ghoul and GW skeleton heads. These guys feel a little like the Game of Thrones white walkers and zombies.

I wish I took a WIP picture of this rubble pile.  It's made from a cardboard base, one folded up piece of paper towel covered in a little water then PVA, irregularly cut cork tile pieces, and wooden coffee stirrers.  

This model's helmet was bugging the crap out of me.  The aventail was suffering from serious wind flow, and this slowly advancing model did not seem like he would incur that type of wind.  So my novice green stuff skills were put to the test. After a little knife work the green stuff was applied.  One tip I utilized was the use of water to avoid finger prints.  Im quite pleased with the result

Previously the model looked like this: (center)

Now thats more like it.

Here's a scratch built table from wooden coffee stirrers.  The beer barrel is a GW bit and was not glued on. Which was not done to ensure the tables variety of uses.  

This is the largely completed dollar store baby cart now turned awesome wagon.  The carriage is quite roomy and can fit 2 25mm bases no problem.  Here's the pre painted look:

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cork terrain update and Horse Cart

Here's the newest picture of the cork terrain arch section. I added a railing with beads and coffee stirrers from starbucks. The cobble archway stones were made with hot glue by smearing the glue and then melting lines.

this is a dollar store baby carriage that comes with three of them in a pack.  popsickle sticks, coffee stirrers and thin cardoard were added to create the horse harness and drivers platform. The model is quite large and can fit 2 20mm basses in the cart, and has room for another model on the driver's platform.  Here's the instructional video from DM Scotty

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Frostgrave Terrain Update

I completed a few pieces of terrain over the past two weeks. All the pieces were based on cardboard reinforced/textured with hot glue.

 The WIP picture of this piece before paint was applied can be found in my last post

This is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar terrain piece. I quit like it, it reminds me of Skyrim's High Hrothgar and the Blades Sanctuary.  It is also mount on a piece of cardboard.

These were made from cork tile, which is very easy to work with. These are also mounted on cardboard.

I slapped some paint on this one real quick. I am quite pleased with it, and also pleased with how easy it was!