Monday, May 15, 2017

Blood Eagle

PLayed a trial run of Blood Eagle. I tried to create very different army compositions so the game would not simply be a 6v6 charge into somebody lack of tactics kind of game game.  The Viking faction Contained Raganar Lothbrok, Rollo Lothbrok, Torsten the Archer, Sean the irish bastard dual wielding an axe and sword, and one standard viking warrior, and one viking veteran. The "British Faction" Composed of Uhtred, a noble/prince, 3 crappy spearmen, and 3 crappy archers.  The British were really no match for the Heros of the Viking faction. The spearmen and archers were utterly useless.  The spearmen needed a higher fight value, and the archers needed better shooting statistics.  The scenario we played entailed a monastery with 6 monks within, and a Saintly Icon/banner within. The Vikings and the British were both trying to secure the banner, while the vikings also were tasked with slaughtering some monks.  

View from the British Depployment

Birds Eye Battlefield

British Warband

Viking Warband

Sean the irish Bastard darted toward the monastery, as the British troops make their advance.

Night fell upon the battlefield

Sean began to ready his sword and axe for christian flesh

Lord Uhtred charged into the monastery to stop Sean, and was followed by a viking veteran, followed by a British spearmen. The British noble took on the viking warrior standing guard at the monastery door.  

The British Noble and two spearmen attempted to block the remaining vikings from entry, however, Ragnar and Rollo Lothbrok had other plans; The brother made short work of the British defenders. The archers watched in terror.  Rollo and Ragnar entered the monastery to surround Uhtred, and begin slaughtering the clerics.

Consistent Production

During The past month or so I've been very actively building and painting. It seems everything I've worked on was built or painted on a whim, so there is very little project cohesion during the past months formidable hobby work. 

This gem is a wargames factory greek head on a frostgrave barbarian body and frostgrave cultist arms; He was freshly washed in this picture.

My Stark Forces are beginning to take shape; these are Perry HYW french

Frostgrave Monsters. I coats them with matte varnish and it seems to have left a shine, I'm a little disappointed.

Cairn and a robber toy deer based.

Random workings in foam: a fireplace out of foamcore, and a furnace out of pink foam and a piece of a dollar store baby carriage

2 Gripping Beast Crusading Knights

Black Tree Designs Picts

A group of finished Starks with spacewolf shield transfers

Viking Hovel, Foam core front and back carved and the rest is popsicle sticks

Foamcore carved ruin road on cardboard base, and cork tile rocks

 Pink Foam creations, a book shelf of popsicle, and cairns from cardboard and fake rocks

Book Case, scrolls are index card, and books are cardstock glued around small bits of popsickle

The WIP columns, the bottoms are just wood rectangles glued on top of each other. Wargames factory Orcs in front. Shame the company is done.

Pink Foam arch

The cairns again

Wargames factory Orcs. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

FROSTGRAVE: Dark Alechemy

I played Dark apothecary Scenario 1 yesterday because I haven't gamed in months. I was reluctant to solo wargame, and figured it would be quite boring. I was pleasantly surprised! the D20 in Frostgrave really makes for exciting rolling each roll. At any rate Here's the warband L to R: Osmund the Heavy Handed, One eyed Pete the Archer, Marduk Crooked Feather, and Ser Karl Heidegger Treasure Hunter. Marduk is a lvl 1 Soothsayer.
The party emerges from the underground through a crypt door. If Marduk's map was correct they should be in the ancient alchemical complex. The party heard rumblings and inhuman shrieking at a distance. A wave of discomfort permeated the men.

Marduk and Ser Karl quarreled over directions as they proceeded into an ornate room. Seconds later, a disgusting tentacled beast appeared in the distance. Everyone held their breath for it was unclear whether the beast had seen them.

The beast surged forward at full speed, One eyed Pete shot the opening Salvo at the monster and seems to have hurt it to some extent. Marduk began to buff the fighting spirit of Ser Karl for the coming fight.

The beast continued forward, Ser Karl and Osmund met the beast at the precipice of the room to protect the squishy wizard and archer. Melee ensued for quite some time, but it was clear that Ser Karl and Osmund were besting the beast at every turn of the melee.

With a final blow from Osmunds heavy axe, the beast was done. There was a treasure in this next room and the party, feeling proud, grabbed the Treasure. 

A wondering ice troll caught sent of man flesh, and continued to follow the scent. (Dark Apothecary does not have random encounters but I added them after I killed the alchemical monstrosity. I painted this Ice Troll last week, and I ACTUALLY ROLLED IT ON THE MONSTER TABLE. Remarkable coincidence, great to get to use a new painted mini).

The party continued through the alchemical complex with little resistance, but suddenly a rat emerged from a nearby hole. Ser Karl and Osmund were keen to do some stomping.

As Karl and Osmund felled rats, One eyed Pete made way into an ornate and magical room, seemingly dedicated to a dragon of some sort. Pete spotted the skull f a dragon like beast and figured it could sell for a nice price, or help the Wizard do whatever weird things wizards do. Pete also saw a door, but alas the door was barred shut.

After Pete and Osmund had killed a family of rats, an Ice Serpent emerged from a nearby sewer. Maybe it smelled the rat blood, or maybe it was curious about the commotion. (The snake uses the Ice Toad rules, I dont have a toad model)

Never ending rat hole, must be a hive.

As a lull in the rat extermination business occurred, the Ice Troll had come upon the party.

Trouble was looming as the snake closed in on Marduk. Pete took a shot at the snake and missed, some archer he is.

Marduk scarred and bumbling shot the Ice snake with a bone dart. He cant remember the last time he successfully cast a necromancy spell, but it was great moment to revive his necromantic skills.

The Ice troll and the Duo continued their brawl, with Osmund getting bashed once. 

But the Duo emerged alive and victorious

And the party made their way toward the final treasure and the exit of the complex

View of the outdoor areas

The exit. To be continued......

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Frostgrave Workings and First Unit of Huns

I'll start small and most recent, a Magical Bow treasure token. These are GB muslim cavalry bits on a coin on top of sand.

First 8 Huns, only one has a bow. These are GB Huns, the rest of the army will be Fireforge Mongols and the GB muslim Cavalry

A slightly better picture

Can you see the Dragon face? NO? oh well. This was a really quick terrain build, and is made of dollar store foamboard.  A cd was used to cut out the template, and the cd was used to base the cut cut foamcore. I took a cup to draw the inner circle, I crudely drew a pentagram, then took a penny to indent the smaller circles. Went to the internet for some magic symbols, and then carved some cobble. And glued the gems. I drybrushed some gold paint post this picture to show a magical glow.

Reaper Bones Armored Troll

Reaper Bones Ice troll

Frostgrave Barbarians

Forgotten Pacts treasure tokens

Fireforge Body, perry WOTR arms, GB late roman head

Metal FG cultist barbarian, lich lord treasure token, and glitter on thin cardboard treasure with gems

I decided it was time to carve some foam. These foam pieces will be a modular temple/citadel complex

Quick corkboard ruin. Also newly painted henchmen. the elevated fellow in the back is a FG soldier, front left FG cultist thief, next over: FG cultist body with perry WOTR arms and fireforge head with GW skeleton horns and FF mongol shield, and GB late crusader 

The Bridge and stairs are old, but the the tower is new