Saturday, September 17, 2016

Frostgrave and Saga Pictures

My friend Kit from San Francisco was over and I wanted to demo some games for him. We elected for Saga and Frostgrave. I dont think I he was impressed with either system.
I took the mongol themed warband and a Necromancer Wizard, he took the frostgrave plastics and an Enchanter. We did'nt finish the game of Frostgrave, but he had 2 treasures, and I had one but was closing in on 2-3 more treasures. 1 of those was definitely going to be contested.

The archer and wizard remained covering this window to shoot the on coming enemy soldiers coming to retrieve the likely contested treasure. The thug jumped into the building.  

My warcat went after his crossbowmen and took him out.

His soldiers advance near the center building.

victorious cat

A werewolf took out one of my archers.

two wolves swarm kit's thugs and Hound, slaying his warhound.  

My Treasure hunter was killed in the center building by a grenade from the apprentice encahnter.

A spider spawned i my deployment but was taken care of by one arrow shot.

SAGA: Curonians V. Teutonic Order (Norse Gaels v. Normans)
This was an all out slaughter of the Teutonic Knights, Kit did not heed my advice for more cavalry units. He felt the Norman Board was crap. And I've had limited success with the Norman Board myself, so I don't necessarily disagree.  
Our board.

Initial Set Up

Slaughtered Teutonic Warlord

All thats left for the Order is a unit of Crossbowmen

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Finished Rune Stones, Burial Mound, and Rocky hills

Just thought I would post some pictures of the based Runestones as well as a better shot of the pink foam hills, using the DM Scotty Rock face technique. 

The Last pic of these hills had no models for scale and was quite boring

See my previous post for any instructions I gave.

Monday, September 12, 2016

GB Pagan Rus, Norse Gael axemen, Viking Ship Crew, and Terrain

These Gripping Beast Figures were gifted to me from a Friend that came to visit New York from San Francisco. The models are awesome, really love the newer GB ranges. I was so excited about the models I went straight into building and painting them.
First up the Norse Gael Axemen, one of them sadly is missing from the shot...oops

Some Pagan Rus warriors with various Baltic symbols on the shields

The Viking Captain and Crew

These Runestone were exceedingly easy to make. I just lopped off some pink foam pieces and carved in the details with a pen.  The runes on the border were carved with the pen, but in hindsight was an unnecessary step, painting them on would've been sufficient.

Heres the WIP shot

These hills were made from pink foam and suite my modular demands on the tabletop.  They were cut out with a hot foam cutter; textured on the sides and top by taking a broken cinder block and bashing in the textures; followed by a standard drybrushing of greys and a little tan and brown before the lightest grey. Really easy and a technique from DM Scotty.

Finally, the burial mound with sword. This idea was nicked off the user Jericho from the lead adventure forum, he made his for his late Roman/Arthurians for a Sarmatian type burial. The base is cardboard/ the mound was made by crumpling a piece of paper towel and covering it in PVA, then placing a piece of paper towel over the mound to create the gradual slope into the ground, also covered with pva.  Then the standard basing technique was used (just sand).