Friday, June 26, 2015

The Fugitive. Lion Rampant game 3

God blessed the Crusaders with victory. The false pagan idol was destroyed and its priest captured. Along the way back to Christian territory, the tricky pagan gods began to unleash their mischief. The Pagan priest, Krivas, escaped his captures with pagan magic. Local pagans became aware of Krivas' escape and gave word to the nearby chieftain Rogvaldas. Rogvaldas assembled his household gaurd, and gathered the freemen for the rescue mission. Saving Krivas, will embolden the tribal leaders for further resistance against the coming Crusader onslaught. The Order's Knights also assembled a host to find the troublesome priest....

This scenario entails 6 areas of rough terrain 18 inches away from all table edges.  When the pagans enter the rough terrain they role a d6, starting from a roll of a 6 for the first piece of rough terrain the priest is found, each subsequent rough terrain enteres lowers the d6 roll, the next piece the priest is found on a 5+ and so on. 

The Pagan deployment.

The Order advances while the pagans....are reluctant to advance.

After an uneventful challenge issued by Brother Knight Karl Von Einholz, he and Rogvaldas exhange blows, but neither falls. Brother Knight Karl rides back to his formation. Soon after the Knights are charged by Rogvaldas's household guard. Several knights are cut down.

Rogvaldas and his Guard are now sitting ducks for crossbow fire.... They are reduced to half strength.

meanwhile on the north side of the battlefield, the other household guard unit, mounted yeomen, and scouts, advance towards a unit of Sword Brothers (mounted serjeants). The Sword Brothers begin to take casualties from the javelins and bows of the Mounted Yeomen and Scouts. The sword brothers fall back.

The Fierce pagan warriors, have finally got their affairs in order came into charging distance of the order's serjeants.  

The two units clash. The Fierce pagans inflict 3 casualties and suffer 2 casualties. The serjeants retreat.

On the North side of the battlefield, Swordbrothers retreat sustain more casualties and flee farther east. Only a man remains.

The household guard in the north check the building for the priest (on a 4+, it was the third terrain inspected, and rolled a 5). Krivas emerged. The Guardsmen and Krivas left the house northwards, shielded from crossbow fire by the house and forrest. 
 The path of escape was clear. The rescue was successful.

Meanwhile Rogvaldas took his troops to hide in the crops, to avoid further casualties from crossbow fire. The Fierce pagans behind him spent the vast majority of the battle in the deployment zone....

The Pagans had won the Day and saved Krivas! Thank Perkunas for ensuring victory! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lion Rampant, game 2, defending the indefensible.

Hello Internet.
I give you Chris and I's second game of lion Rampant. We chose scenario B, defending the indefensible, because it was our second game and its the second scenario. I also just made a pagan idol/totem similar to the historical idol at Arkona (Mine is the Santa clause in the previous post). 
So, The knights set out, with a handsome host, to rid the land of the pagan false gods. Indigenous converts to the true god had mentioned a pagan idol and temple within a days ride of their settlement. The Crusaders knew that destroying a renowned pagan idol will strike fear across the Baltic. A quick raid could catch the pagans off-guard.

The game was a 30 point game. I took 2 units of foot knights (the elite pagan veteran warriors) 2 units of mounted yeomen, 2 units of fierce foot, and one unit of bidowers.  The Crusaders under Chris, took 2 mounted knights, 1 mounted serjeants, 1 foot serjeants, 1 foot knights, and 1 crossbowmen.
Only up to 10 of my points were allowed to set up near the pagan idol at the center of the board. I placed 1 foot knight unit and 1 fierce foot unit.  Since we played 30 points and not 24 should I have gotten more than 10? the rules say otherwise....

The pagan relief force. They were reluctant to get to the idol. I had several turns of no movement, while the crusaders had 2 turns without missing an activation.  

The noble defenders, that never had a chance.

Their help looked so close, but was so far, and barely ever came.

The crusader set up.

After a some advancing the pagan elite foot guard(foot knights) came under crossbow fire. After 2 rounds of crossbow fire the foot-guard were charged by the Sword brothers(mounted serjeants).

The sword brothers killed the remaining footgaurd and the pagan chief, the pagan army had to check their courage after seeing their leader fall.  Eventually, the mounted yeomen advanced up the battlefield to face the Sword brothers and block their path to the idol. The pagan yeomen were charged by the Sword brothers but chose to fire and flee from the charge.  However the pagans did not flee quick enough and the pagan yeomen were caught by the Sword brothers, who chopped the pagan Yeomen till there were none left. Nothing stood in the way of Sword brothers' destruction of the idol. 

Next scenario may be the scenario where the defenders try to find and rescue a person that has escaped captivity from the attackers. The west wind pagan priest below, will do the job. Seems like the crusaders would have killed a pagan preacher on sight. For some reason they took him alive. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

New Table, Baltic Pagan Command, and Livonian Sword Brothers

This is my first attempt at doing a removable command stand, the miniatures are too awesome to not have individual capabilities.
I used 2 dollar modelling clay from the craft store. it never fully hardens so the brick you buy doesnt go to waste from lack of use. The lack of hardening has not been an issue.

Since the I have to base the miniature stand the clay was covered with white glue and sand, theoretically giving the clay a little more durability.

I think it turned out quite nicely for my first attempt.

This table is a dream come true! its been half done for quite some time, lacking a paint job for too long. I went for a light brown table, so terrain can be used from any climate, cover it with some snow terrain desert terrain, or swamp and it'll do the job.

I added some new banners to these pagans, previously they only had the poles, the mini on the far right it metal and the plumes as well as the banner's length prevented me from giving it a banner, oh well.

These Livonian Sword Brothers have also been nearing completion for a while. Now they only await basing. They are fireforge templar knights, with a couple heads and additional comparisoned horses from the teutonic set. They also have brettonian red fleur de lis transfers on their tunics. The banner is from this blog: Again thanks micah for the great banners and shields!

This is my pagan idol. It is a pewter santa statuette sprayed in dark brown and then a light spray of a wierd red-brown. I hot glued it to a cardboard base, and covered the cardboard with hotglue to give it texture, then picked some spots for some sand.

Scale comparison with a Livonian sword brother.

Here is the fully based command stand with banner.

The finished pagan idol is under attack! Teutonic knights come to destroy the old gods!

I love this table!