Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lion Rampant, game 2, defending the indefensible.

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I give you Chris and I's second game of lion Rampant. We chose scenario B, defending the indefensible, because it was our second game and its the second scenario. I also just made a pagan idol/totem similar to the historical idol at Arkona (Mine is the Santa clause in the previous post). 
So, The knights set out, with a handsome host, to rid the land of the pagan false gods. Indigenous converts to the true god had mentioned a pagan idol and temple within a days ride of their settlement. The Crusaders knew that destroying a renowned pagan idol will strike fear across the Baltic. A quick raid could catch the pagans off-guard.

The game was a 30 point game. I took 2 units of foot knights (the elite pagan veteran warriors) 2 units of mounted yeomen, 2 units of fierce foot, and one unit of bidowers.  The Crusaders under Chris, took 2 mounted knights, 1 mounted serjeants, 1 foot serjeants, 1 foot knights, and 1 crossbowmen.
Only up to 10 of my points were allowed to set up near the pagan idol at the center of the board. I placed 1 foot knight unit and 1 fierce foot unit.  Since we played 30 points and not 24 should I have gotten more than 10? the rules say otherwise....

The pagan relief force. They were reluctant to get to the idol. I had several turns of no movement, while the crusaders had 2 turns without missing an activation.  

The noble defenders, that never had a chance.

Their help looked so close, but was so far, and barely ever came.

The crusader set up.

After a some advancing the pagan elite foot guard(foot knights) came under crossbow fire. After 2 rounds of crossbow fire the foot-guard were charged by the Sword brothers(mounted serjeants).

The sword brothers killed the remaining footgaurd and the pagan chief, the pagan army had to check their courage after seeing their leader fall.  Eventually, the mounted yeomen advanced up the battlefield to face the Sword brothers and block their path to the idol. The pagan yeomen were charged by the Sword brothers but chose to fire and flee from the charge.  However the pagans did not flee quick enough and the pagan yeomen were caught by the Sword brothers, who chopped the pagan Yeomen till there were none left. Nothing stood in the way of Sword brothers' destruction of the idol. 

Next scenario may be the scenario where the defenders try to find and rescue a person that has escaped captivity from the attackers. The west wind pagan priest below, will do the job. Seems like the crusaders would have killed a pagan preacher on sight. For some reason they took him alive. 

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