Friday, June 26, 2015

The Fugitive. Lion Rampant game 3

God blessed the Crusaders with victory. The false pagan idol was destroyed and its priest captured. Along the way back to Christian territory, the tricky pagan gods began to unleash their mischief. The Pagan priest, Krivas, escaped his captures with pagan magic. Local pagans became aware of Krivas' escape and gave word to the nearby chieftain Rogvaldas. Rogvaldas assembled his household gaurd, and gathered the freemen for the rescue mission. Saving Krivas, will embolden the tribal leaders for further resistance against the coming Crusader onslaught. The Order's Knights also assembled a host to find the troublesome priest....

This scenario entails 6 areas of rough terrain 18 inches away from all table edges.  When the pagans enter the rough terrain they role a d6, starting from a roll of a 6 for the first piece of rough terrain the priest is found, each subsequent rough terrain enteres lowers the d6 roll, the next piece the priest is found on a 5+ and so on. 

The Pagan deployment.

The Order advances while the pagans....are reluctant to advance.

After an uneventful challenge issued by Brother Knight Karl Von Einholz, he and Rogvaldas exhange blows, but neither falls. Brother Knight Karl rides back to his formation. Soon after the Knights are charged by Rogvaldas's household guard. Several knights are cut down.

Rogvaldas and his Guard are now sitting ducks for crossbow fire.... They are reduced to half strength.

meanwhile on the north side of the battlefield, the other household guard unit, mounted yeomen, and scouts, advance towards a unit of Sword Brothers (mounted serjeants). The Sword Brothers begin to take casualties from the javelins and bows of the Mounted Yeomen and Scouts. The sword brothers fall back.

The Fierce pagan warriors, have finally got their affairs in order came into charging distance of the order's serjeants.  

The two units clash. The Fierce pagans inflict 3 casualties and suffer 2 casualties. The serjeants retreat.

On the North side of the battlefield, Swordbrothers retreat sustain more casualties and flee farther east. Only a man remains.

The household guard in the north check the building for the priest (on a 4+, it was the third terrain inspected, and rolled a 5). Krivas emerged. The Guardsmen and Krivas left the house northwards, shielded from crossbow fire by the house and forrest. 
 The path of escape was clear. The rescue was successful.

Meanwhile Rogvaldas took his troops to hide in the crops, to avoid further casualties from crossbow fire. The Fierce pagans behind him spent the vast majority of the battle in the deployment zone....

The Pagans had won the Day and saved Krivas! Thank Perkunas for ensuring victory! 

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