Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reaper Bones loot and Scale Comparison

Got a shipment from Reaper, so for the benefit of all here's some height comparisons. (I didn't bother looking up the names, so bare with me)
L to R: Reaper Warg, GB Saxon (with fireforge head), reaper evil knight, reaper soldier, frostgrave soldier, reaper horned satyr, reaper oswald the overladen, reaper evil knight, gripping beast late roman, fireforge mongol, reaper tyrant, reaper werewolf.

L to R: reaper spectral wolf, reaper warg, reaper werewolf, reaper soldier, reaper throne, fireforge mongol, gb saxon, reaper ice troll, reaper minotaur, reaper mountain giant, frostgrave soldier, reaper ogre, reaper oswald, reaper cave troll, gb late roman, reaper cthullu thing

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