Friday, July 17, 2015

Miniature Update, and WIP CD Terrain Forests

The Storm Giant

These guys have been done for a little while. They're pretty cool in my opinion. They are kit bashed  fireforge foot knights with fireforge foot sergeants, and wargames factory bows. They are pretty generic looking troops, and also look like human rangers for fantasy settings. Im quite pleased with them.

I also recently finished the pegasus hobbies buildings in this picture. I only Used Spray paint! First coat was a full black cover. Followed by a medium grey spray that only came from a downward spraying angle. Followed by a lighter grey with only downward spray as well.

the two buildings that border the immediate foreground also got sprayed with a dark brown and black for damage effects. Kinda wish I didnt do that. The damage effects feel/look out of place in the fantasy setting. It looks like a bombed out building. I wouldve preferred old crumbling ruins not bombed out building. oh well.

WIP CD forests. Hot glue and twigs, thats it. The brown twig cds will be spooky forests. The white twig cd is going to be one of many birch tree stands,

Thin cardboad was glued in the center of the cds to cover the hole.  

I shouldve put clay around the cardboard before i glued the trees, on but when the terrain bug bites you, some times you just go with the flow.

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