Sunday, November 29, 2015

Two Games of Frost Grave: Game 2

Scenario 2: The Complex Temple
This Game was fought between my friend Chris and I. I didn't use the xp I gained against my brother, I substituted crossbowmen for archers, otherwise it was the same list and Same Wizard Stats/spells. I used different models as well. These guys were dubbed the Ordos Inqusitatus Necromundus. Chris played a necromancer, named Spurvis and an apprentice named Mervin. I kept Fimbar the clumsy in name, but used a different model, his apprentice was named Roger this game.
My deployment: L to R
warhound (the cat was substituted for a wolf named Fenris the following turn), thug, Roger, Infantrymen, thug, crossbowmen, treasure hunter, Fimbar, thief, and crossbowmen. 

This crossbowmen takes a perched position among the ruins.

We both moved into the temple complex rather quickly, dispensing the columns and receiving the loot. (the overturned and ruined columns are the ones where loot was taken). My treasure hunter ran into some trouble getting the loot out of the column he approached and received some damage from his failed attempt. Four giant rats appeared from Chris' rear deployment. The left side of the board was about to see some bloody action.

One of my thugs died in the beginning of the skirmish, morecarnage was soon to come. 

On the previously quiet rightside of the board Chris' Barbarian Honan, lept up some ruins to attack a crossbowmen.

Back on the leftside carnage continued, my second thug was struck down, and my infantrymen took a crossbow to the body as he closed in on the melee.

My crossbowmen miraculously survived the barbarian assault, and received help from my gallant treasure hunter.

after two rounds of combat my treasure hunter slayed the barbarian. The treasure hunters fight skill was at +8 for the melee.

My infantrymen was slain, and my apprentice was now under attack by Chris' infantrymen.

Fenris slayed a thug, and my apprentice held his own against the infantrymen.

A thug left my hound behind and charged my apprentice while he was in combat with the infantrymen, and with miraculous luck, the apprentice inflicted a critical hit on the thug.

My apprentice was still in the favor of the gods and felled the infantrymen.  At this point we called the battle. 

This scenario saw a lot of bloodshed between our warbands, which was awesome. But only one monster spawned, so that was a little upsetting.The battle was a draw, both of us received three treasures.

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