Monday, November 30, 2015

who can focus on one project anyway?

This is the random assortment I am currently working on. Majority is frostgrave stuff.
Warhounds! Im sick of using a cat in my warband

Lukas (my dog) was the inspiration for the left hound above

Good amount of work done on the Lich Lord treasure tokens

Have had these boys primed for years, nice to have some zombies to work with at last.

10 Cultists sprayed black. I made an archer, ranger, infantrymen, thief, and crossbowmen, the other 5 are generic one hand weapon and hood cultists. The supplement also has cultists listed in the bestiary, so not sure if these will be a warband or monsters or both. I saved as many of the generic robed bodies as possible for future kit bashing, yes I'm hoarding plastic.

L to R
Tracker, ranger, ranger/archer, archer, crossbowmen, marksmen


Knight, Treasure Hunter, Knight 
(The treasure hunter will have a cape, and the knight represents him in better equipment. they have the same head)

Thugs for hire. They have a high mortality rate so the more the merrier.  


Targaryen Infantry or, if they are in a Greek role, Sons of the Hydra. The shield decals are from google  images search targaryen sigil and rubber cementing the image to the shield, innovative.  These are wargames factory Greeks

My friend recently moved and he had many of his miniatures either still on their sprue or assembled and unpainted. These guys were still on their sprue, and I couldn't let these fantastic models go to waste. I have no interest in regiments anymore, so grabbing a few would offer all the satisfaction I need.

And finally, here are some historical casualty markers from gripping beast for my barbarian/dark age and medieval armies.

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