Sunday, November 29, 2015

Two Games of frostgrave for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving holiday had my first two games of frostgrave. The first with my Brother, and the second with my friend Chris. Most of my wargaming for the past several years has taken place during the holidays. 
Scenario 1: Mausoleum
My Wizard: Fimbar the Clumsy (I gave him his moniker before the game, sealing his destiny with a permanent -1 health). Fimbar is an enchanter. My Brother took a Summoner. We also took nearly identical warbands. We both took an apprentice, archer, archer, infantrymen, warhound, treasure hunter, and the differences were, my two thugs one thief, vs, his two thieves one thug. Unbelievable!

My Warband's Right:
Right to Left
Archer, Thief, Treasure Hunter, Thus, and Fimbar is behind the buttress.

My Warband's Left: 
Left to Right
Archer, Felix the warcat, Jerome the Apprentice, Thug, and Infantrymen.

My Brothers Warband: (already on the move) 
The summoner is in the back right, his warbat to his rear, skeletal archer to the left. There must be two thieves lurking around stealthily somewhere.
The Left side: Left to Right
Apprentice, thug, Treasure Hunter, Infantrymen, and archer behind the infantrymen.

I won the initiative for several turns. I also killed his apprentice with my archer on the second soldier phase. He summoned an imp at some point with his Wizard. The Imp and the Warbat came cruising towards my right flank, while my dwarf thief picked up treasure and my Treasurehunter got shot with an arrow.

To the left his thug takes on a skeleton in the fountain.

After some arrow fire and a skeletol attack my thief is vanquished.

My thug comes under attack from a skeleton

my treasure hunter hugs the tree line to avoid further archer fire. A moment of relief occurs after he dispatches the imp and warbat.

Fimbar is down for the count. After taking an arrow, and losing health to get a spell off, Fimbar is finished of by a spell from the summoner that removes his final three health. I wish I remebered to cast his familiar spell before the game that wouldve given him +2 health, oh well. He survived, but his wounds left him with a permanent -1 health for the rest of the campaign. The Clumsy bastard. I scored some sweet treasure, and my brother got some serious XP for taking down my wizard with his wizard. The game was a draw, with three treasures picked up for both sides.The Game was loads of fun and action packed!

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