Saturday, November 14, 2015

Update of random proportions

This is a massive haul I picked up in August. I visited Long Islands Warstore Warehouse, which is in long island's north fork farm country, and of course the warehouse is on a farm.  Being surrounded by seemingly endless wargameing merchandise can even make the most frugal wargamer go on a little bit of a spending bender. Ah the consumer in me took hold and I bought hoards of plastic men, and a little scenery. Other than the scenery, the purchased sprues remain 80% untouched. I glued together a dozen random figures, and sprayed a dozen sprues.

Here is the beginnings of my Game of Thrones forces. Eddard Stark (plastic perry WOTR body and GB head and GW cape) surrounded by his elite retainers (GW Teutogen Guard).

None of my deer transfers are black, and Ive always wanted to give a sharpie a go for free-handing heraldry. Here Start the Baratheons

I've been bitten by the plastic kit bashing bug recently, especially after seeing what people have done for Game of Thrones figures and Frostgrave warbands. So I satiated myself with some easy conversions (GB viking heads and Warlord celt bodies) and easy paint up.

 Here is Robert Baratheon. Younger and less fat. Yes, his helmet horns are not stag horns, but the helmet is awesome. 

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