Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Co-op Frostgrave

My friend and I decided we wanted to put our quarrels aside and play a cooperative game of frostgrave.  The Rule Changes were: Army composition: 300 gc with a max of six soldiers, and no apprentices allowed. Two Monsters spawned every turn, and could show up in 10 locations (four of which were the board edges), and buildings had a 50% chance of containing a monster within, unless there was a treasure within, in which case a monster is generated.  
My Enchanter, Fimbar, a templar known as Karl von Bauer, a tracker named Bjorn, a mule named ploppy the younger, an archer, and 2 thugs Nim and Rod, and my free dog from the kennel upgrade, Lukas.  Mervin the slightly insane(necromancer), had a more eclectic crew.  Jim the one eyed archer, pete the three-fingered archer, ploppy the elder the mule, and 2 infantrymen named Doug and Bob, and a treasure hunter named Montana Johnson. As well as a summoned zombie named Bob Zombie.  
At the bottom of this photo there is a damsel and templar bodyguard. Our secondary objective was to keep them safe as we look for the loot amongst the ruins.   We played the Eclipse scenario from Thaw, and the special rules of the scenario had zero effect on our game.   

My thugs and archer pop into the first building to get some loot.

They find some rats.

Fimbar, Lukas, and Karl Von Bauer advance to the center of the ruins.

My other Nim, rushes into save the already engaged Rod.  

Successful butchery, these thugs earned a meal.

A wraith knight and a wolf confront Fimbar and company. Lucky for us I nerfed many creatures by ignoring the magical weapons requirement for this game.

Bob Zombie charges headfirst into the wraith knight. 

and is sent back into the dirt.  A zombie troll closes in on the wizards right flank.

Luckily the heroic and brash Duo of Bob and Doug are stupid enough to charge the troll quick work of the zombie troll, and Bob cleaves the trolls head off with a critical hit from his axe.  

but they make quick work of the zombie troll, and Bob cleaves the trolls head off with a critical hit from his axe.

the left flank begins its incessant combat with an ice snake (ice spider).

Ice snake destroyed through a group effort.

Karl and Lukas head over to help Bob and Doug, Karl gets wounded and Doug finishes off the Wraith Knight.

Montana Jonhson enters a buildingand finds a boar! He ominously says this place looks like a Vampire meeting hall....

2 rangifers spawn in the adventurers' deployment area, the archers begin to loose arrows

And a Vampire spawns in the building that was said to look like a vampire meeting hall. A bizarre coincidence with a ridiculously small probability.  

With only three of the six treasure collected and our warbands badly bruised, an archer was taken out by a rangifer, hoards of zombies, another wraith knight and ice snake, roaming the battlefields, my thug Nim incapacitated in combat with the zombie hoard, and Karl, Bob, and Montana wounded, we decided it was time to relinquish our greed and just leave the remaining three treasures alone.  
We enjoyed the Co-op and the game was suitably hard and easy at varying lvls throughout. 

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