Sunday, March 9, 2014


Its been the better half of a year since my last post.  I finally sat down and put the brush to the mini.  I would like to thank Netflix's American House of Cards for inspiring me to pick up the brush, Kevin Spacey's character starts painting civil war minis and diorama.  Any-who heres the good stuff!

Heres the first show of my nearly Completed Teutonic Knights from fire forge.  The capes made attaching the heads a little awkward, and I feel the sculpts are rather limited in positioning.  However, I am unbelievably happy with the final product.

 I sprayed the sprues white and painted the desired bits on the sprue.  I find it the only hassle free approach to painting.  There is way more room to maneuver.
I never glued the knights to their mounts.  The transfers are from battle flag.  They make a sheet specifically for the Fireforge Knights.  I am definitely a novice when it comes to transfers, Ive only used GW transfers previously.  The transfers did not stick sufficiently with water 70% of the time.  I began coating/gluing the transfers in place with GW clear varnish.  Luckily for me it got the job done.
Here they are, still no banner or flock.  I evened out the bases by watering down spackle and then dumping on sand immediately after.  

Next time they will be flocked and surrounded by pagans! hopefully the bannerman will have a banner as well!

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