Sunday, September 27, 2015

preparations for Frostgrave

I don't own the rules for frostgrave yet. However, I've been bitten by the bug. The setting of frostgrave and warband construction has set my imagination afire.  

This gem was purchased for five dollars at the craft store. I've added various GW bits, and built a door by carving wood panels into a piece of cardboard. The panels are created by scoring the cardbaord with a hobby knife. Steps were created with foamcore. Dont spray paint foamcore without covering it with either glue or paint, otherwise the foamcore will melt.

The model was primed black, followed by a base coat of a medium dark grey.

The next coat was a light grey color applied with a ripped foam sponge material. The foam sponge creates a drybrush effect. This was followed bty a highlight of white on the models edges.
The details, such as the door and skulls still need to painted.

But I couldnt resist getting my WIP snow and city terrain on to the table.
In my humble opinion, the table looks amazing, and has me feeling quite gitty.

The cobblestone mats are from christmas decoration village sets, also purchased from the craft store. They look out of place if you done paint them. So, I took the foam sponge and dragged/drybrushed the mats with a medium grey.

A makeshift warband.

The large buildings are the gothic sets from pegasus hobbies. The other terrain are from various GW sets such as the garden of mor and arcane ruins, some GW storm of magic pieces, as well as two citadel fortress towers.

I guess I should buy the rules and put this terrain to good use.