Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Frostgrave update

These pics were posted to the Lead Adventure forums some time ago.  My plate was full updating this blog, now with the addition of Lead adventure posting, I am in way over my head.
So here are the pics, and here is the link if you want words along with the pictures!

This first one is a new picture of the mostly completed Mongolian warband, I have some more Steppe/Silk road soldiers in the painting pile.  

This is a sneak peak of the next warband I plan on doing. Pictured below is the wizard.  Hes made from a  a Northstar cultist body, cultist arms and spear, GB Arab head, and the snake on the staff was donated to me by a buddy and is from the GW empire wizard plastic pack. This warband is at the back of the painting queue and may just be an augmentation to the steppe warriors as opposed to a warband in their own right. 

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