Friday, January 27, 2017

Late Roman/Arthurian Army musters

I finally finished the Footsore Cataphracts (3 more GB Cataphracts are near completion) and plastic GB unarmored infantry. The westwind and footsore cavalry, and the westwind/GB heavy infantry have been done for some time. Some of the Bannermen pictured are still incomplete. Still on the painting queue are Black Tree and GB plastic armored infantry and GB plastic archers.
The buildings are built from cork tile, corrugated cardboard roofs, and various popsicle stick/matchstick/coffee stirrers for doors,windows, and trim. 

West Wind and Footsore Cavalry

West Wind and GB metal armored infantry and more Cav

Plastic GB unarmored infantry and Footsore Cataphracts

The attacking germans are warlord and Black Tree

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