Monday, May 15, 2017

Blood Eagle

PLayed a trial run of Blood Eagle. I tried to create very different army compositions so the game would not simply be a 6v6 charge into somebody lack of tactics kind of game game.  The Viking faction Contained Raganar Lothbrok, Rollo Lothbrok, Torsten the Archer, Sean the irish bastard dual wielding an axe and sword, and one standard viking warrior, and one viking veteran. The "British Faction" Composed of Uhtred, a noble/prince, 3 crappy spearmen, and 3 crappy archers.  The British were really no match for the Heros of the Viking faction. The spearmen and archers were utterly useless.  The spearmen needed a higher fight value, and the archers needed better shooting statistics.  The scenario we played entailed a monastery with 6 monks within, and a Saintly Icon/banner within. The Vikings and the British were both trying to secure the banner, while the vikings also were tasked with slaughtering some monks.  

View from the British Depployment

Birds Eye Battlefield

British Warband

Viking Warband

Sean the irish Bastard darted toward the monastery, as the British troops make their advance.

Night fell upon the battlefield

Sean began to ready his sword and axe for christian flesh

Lord Uhtred charged into the monastery to stop Sean, and was followed by a viking veteran, followed by a British spearmen. The British noble took on the viking warrior standing guard at the monastery door.  

The British Noble and two spearmen attempted to block the remaining vikings from entry, however, Ragnar and Rollo Lothbrok had other plans; The brother made short work of the British defenders. The archers watched in terror.  Rollo and Ragnar entered the monastery to surround Uhtred, and begin slaughtering the clerics.

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