Saturday, September 22, 2018

2018 Picture Dump

Despite starting my legal career, 2018 has been a very generous Hobby year. I've painted miniatures for nearly two hours every weeknight. However, I am about to move in with my girlfriend. The structure and choices of my free time is going to be seriously altered. What the hell am I gonna do with all my sprues.

Here is some of the stuff I've taken photos of. I'd Imagine there is a lot of stuff I am missing. 

Victrix Celtic/Gallic Cavalry, wonderful stuff.

Kit bash to make a Baltic Pagan: fireforge sergeant torso, GB viking arms, Victrix carthaginian head, GB late roman shield.

Mostly Plastics with minor kitbashing here and there. Parts from fireforge sergeants, GB vikings, Fireforge scanidinavians. 

Picked Up a sprue of the Victrix Carthaginian Heavy Infantry. Each sprue has 3 bods with linothorax, 3 with chainmail, and 2 unarmored javelinmen.

For some reason, I bought a full box of the victrix Carthaginian Citizen Spearmen. I did some kitbashing with GB arab parts. Just going for generic ancient middle easterners. 

Back: GB Knights Command;
Front: Crusader, Footsore Free mini, Crusader, Crusader, Crusader.

Footsore Odin

Reaper Ice Giants

Love these fellas.

I always wanted to make a hobbit hole. Decent enough execution.

An idea of the build. Underneath the clay is odd foam shapes to build up the mound.

Black Tree Gladiators. Pretty cool.

Warlord/Hail Caesar Sarmatians

Random Terrain with Oathmark Dwarves

Picked this up at the craft store and added the base and rocks

Newest water feature attempt

Added some new flock to this guy

Previous water feature attempt. too sandy looking and the water color transitions suck

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  1. Wow, beautiful minis and scenery, love the unarmored javelinmen, great job!