Sunday, June 23, 2019

Rangers Of Shadow Deep : Burning Light

Here are some pictures from  Rangers of Shadow Deep Burning Light. I much preferred the outdoor setting of the initial campaign in the rulebook. However, Burning Light did introduce some fun game mechanics, such as the notes, that furthered the complexity and fun of the game. The search for the decanter of Saint Emilia was a fun idea and executed well by the game designer. It was a little on the easy side but I was also blessed with some dice luck when uncovering clues that pointed to the decanter's hidden location. It took me about three to four scenarios to figure out which room the Decanter was hidden in.  Each clue was not overt in revealing the mystery. But after three to four clues were found along with high skill rolls and a quick overview of the clue information I was confident my final search would uncover the Decanter. 

Scenario 1: The Gatehouse

Scenario 2: The Ruined Chapel

Scenario 3: The Courtyard

Scenario 4: The Library

Scenario 5: The Herbstore

Scenario 6: The Hospital

The Final Showdown Escaping with the Decanter

I had lucky rolls against the Terrorwing, making the scenario quick and painless.

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