Friday, May 9, 2014

The Nobles Have Answered the Call of the Gods

Today I unveil, the Pagan Noble cavalry 
(they've been done for some time)
My favorite concept behind this project is that 90% of the minis can be used in almost any barbarian army from Goths of the 200s all the way to Lithuanian armies up until 1300.  
(and about 60% will be suitable all the way back to 200 b.c., Now thats what I call versatility)

The miniatures are made from the bodies and horses of wargames factory celt cavalry, while the heads and several weapons are from the gripping beast saxon and vikings plastic sets (one head is from warlord games plastic celts). Sheild decals are LBMS. Flag is from here

Defend the Great Hall!

These next figures are my personal favorites of the unit

(For more info on the Bannerman, and more importantly the banner, check out my previous blog post)

Majority of the finished Pagans 
(the astute observer will notice the infantry have new shields)

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  1. Great Baltic Dudes! Let's go on a northern crusade!