Thursday, March 19, 2015

IM back (slightly)

Hello everyone!
I am sort of back!
Its been over 6 months since my last post, and I've done plenty in the interim. 
However, I've realized that this blog has shown very little of my extensive wargame hobby.
The next view posts will be a mix of what I completed since my last post, as well as parts of my total collection. Enjoy!
Various Warhammer Battles for your pleasure!

 Baltic Light Cav
 Priest and Merlin
 weird monsters from D&D Asheraldon
 Archers and New Heros
 New Barbarian spearmen or javelinmen
 Kit bashed elite warriors

 more weird monsters, I really like the blue snake!
WIP Germans
 A simple skin wash, and black wash over everything else and, voila!

 I finally bought a table, and brought the games off of the floor!!!!!!!!!!

Continuing green stuff education.... going well if I do say so myself...just poke and pull for fur
Mostly washes! The skin was painted light green then washed with a green.

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