Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Only Way to Paint

Before painting plastic miniatures I spray the sprues. I can't stress how much I love this technique. It allows for a huge degree in brush control that would otherwise be unavailable on a mini that was built.
The WIP of the Sword Brothers of Livonia

the pieces of the horses were painted separately as well!

Soon to be used parts......

These are from my first reaper bones purchase. I previously only had one reaper miniature (I didn't paint it. Boo, Hiss!)
The miniatures are great sculpts. They are definitely heroic 28mm, theyre quite large.  The large barbarian man, with the empire white wolf head added, had a strikingly tiny head compared to his body. A quick knife to the jugular and the improvement was obvious!
I'm very happy with the purchase. The figures are dynamic, and ooze fantasy heroism and villainy. That being said, the figures are affordable for character types, but not nearly as cheap as a plastic regiment of troops.
They are made from a glue material. The bodies are surprisingly dense, the thinner parts are rubbery. However, to my surprise, only the elf (second from the left (front)) had noticeable warping.  word on the street is to hold the mini in boiling water, re position the warped area and then place the mini in water with a lot of ice cubes.  Apparently primer isnt needed on the minis but washed wont hold without a proper paint layer, so ill have to give these lads a spray and see what happens. 

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