Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Boat, Banners, Bones, and more!

I wanted to build a generic looking ship that I could use in any situation I could find my gaming in. Check out the youtube channel DMsCraft, it enlightened me in the ways of cardboard and hot glue. I shutter to think of the days, not so long ago, when the knowledge of hot glue and terrain making was in a dark age.

I drew an outline of a boat roughly. two outlines because I decided to make two boats. That fell through and I only made one. 

I measured a halfway point as well as dots to mark cutting lines to create wood planks. Just cutting into the cardboard with an exacto knife without breaking through the other side.

I Cut the outline of the base out and then traced it on cardbaord to cut out an identicle cardboard shape.  An edge around the shape was cut. This will become the boat walls/raised area of the boat.  

Sorry for the poor quality image but here is the base and wall outline glued together.  

The outside walls were created by cutting index card and covering the ugly innards of the cardbaord.

 I also lined the inner wall with a thin strip of index card as well.  
The sale is linen, and is unpainted.  The mast was just hot glued and then white glued to add extra strength. 
 I painted my current terrain projects all dark brown: The boat, stable, and firepit.  
 A tan dry brush was applied.

Here's the boat with some raiders.

The finished firepit and stable. The firepits base is cardboard covered in white glue and sand. The edge of the cardboard is covered in hotglue to conceal the innards of the cardboard.  There is minor warpage, so I am curious to see what happens with a larger cardboard base and white glue.  

These are printed banners I found online. The empire figure is getting the Swiss canton banner of Bern, and the German knight got  a banner from http://michasfiguren.blogspot.com/2015/03/ein-paar-neue-banner.html
The insides of the banner are painted in the colors of the banner edges so when the banner is folded over imprecisely no white shows.  

here's the German Knight

And here is the empire bannermen and german knight alongside the early stages of painting for the bones figures.

I painted this piece a while ago, but i finally cut out the base and glued the rocks down.  I have not been happy with my results cutting foamboard... This time I used an exacto knife that heats up like a glue gun or hot wire cutter, I'm more satisfied this time around but I still think there is something that Im missing.  

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