Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trees, Bones, and Torches

These trees are art craft pipecleaners twisted togethor leaving roots and branches at the top. They were then covered in tape. And most importantly covered in hotglue in sporadic up and down motions creating bark effects. Check out DMsCraft youtube video if you want a great tutorial on doing tree bark. Its really easy, just go up and down in sporadic motions with the gun.  

continuing work on the bones figures, apparently I only painted the evil characters..............Coincidence? I think not, MWAHAHAHA. 
 trees pre hot glue.

These torches are q-tips cut in half, covered in white glue and pulled to a flame shape. They were then painted red followed by a less than dry dry-brush with upward motions occasionally top give the flames appropriate color and movement. This q-tip idea was nicked from, none other than, DM Scotty from the DMsCraft youtube channel.
Heres some finished torches with 2 finished bones figures and 2 old WHFB VC figures wraith and banshee

The finished tree is to the left of the great hall. Sorry for the bad shot. The tree was drybrushed a grey-tan-brown mix followed by a random drybrush of green to show moss.  Lichen was hot glued to the top branches.  Eventually the tree will be mounted on a cd base.  
 The other bones figure progress. I made some headway on a Hero, I guess Im not all bad.

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