Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cardboard Shields!

Hey everyone, here is how to get your shields going:
Step 1:Go to this blog and hunt around for shield and banner images you like

 Cut the images out

paste them onto some form of cardboard material. I used the back of notebooks and rubber cement for glue.
Once the shield has been cut from the cardboard, carefully bend the shield around a thick pen to give the shield a realistic curvature. 

Cut the shields out and carefully paint the back and edges of the shields brown. A good technique when painting the edges is to have the side of your brash drag along the shield edge with the point of the brush always towards the backside of the shield.

Some shielded miniatures.

Pavises for Crossbowmen. 

The only plastic shield in the post..... But none the less a finished warlord type for my Barbarians

Been trying to get my hands on these musketeer miniatures for quite some time. They are hard to come by in the states. This was a cheap ebay auction because the bannermen's sword was broken. Easy fix even for the likes of me. I also screwed a hole into his left hand for a banner pole, which didnt exist previously. I really hope to get more musketeer miniatures now that they are opening footsore miniatures with a distributor in the USA.

Special thanks to micahsblog for the shields and banner!

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