Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Saga game, with Skeletons and Vampires.

In This Saga game we tried out two new armies, the pagan rus (Undead) and the rus princes (barbarians).  We played the convoy escort scenario. I (undead) had the convoy.  The escort must get at least 1 baggage train of 3 across the table, and the attacker must destroy all 3 for victory.  

The Rus princes hearthguard is a super unit that costs three points for 2 points worth of figures.  However, they generate 2 saga dice instead of 1, and they get free activations.  I put my warlord and unit of warriors facing down his warlord and hearthguard.  Thyrough the magic of the pagan rus i inflicted fatigue on his hearthgaurd, and then got to kill 1 model per fatigue in all units with fatigue with a seperate ability.  

my 8 man unit of hearthguard charged up the road to meet his warriors head on.  Apparently he thought my hearthguard were warriors, a fatal mistake, the warriors died.  

With his hearthguard unit at half strength I geared up my saga board for some close combat and charged my warlord and warriors into the remaining hearthguard. My opponents terrible defence rolls left none of his hearthguard unit standing.  

With only 6 warriors slain throughout my entire army, and his super hearthguard and warrior unit killed and another warrior unit at half strength from fatigue kills, we decided the battle was over because it was impossible for him to destroy all three baggage trains. 

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