Sunday, March 29, 2015

Saga Returns

This is actually a recent game! Norse Gaels vs The Capetian Franks. I will never touch the frank battleboard seemed to be a very nuanced faction....regardless, I was not thrilled with any of the abilities offered.
(Frank models are fireforge tuetonic knights teutonic infantry and bretonnian men at arms and archers, the Norse gaels are my hodgepodge Barbarians consisting of: GB plastics, GB jomsvikings, WF germans, and WF viking bondi.
 Here's the Set up, we played clash of warlords since it has been so long since our last game

as our armies closed in distance, it was apparent the battle would occur entirely on the road.

Small scale skirmishing between the Norse-gael javelinmen and teutonic/frank archers. 

My bretonnian warriors miraculously survived his two waves of Norsegaels wielding axes. our units were severely reduced. I cahrged my teutonic mounted hearthgaurd to finish off a warrior squad to reduce his saga dice pool..........

His hearthgaurd slaughtered my entire unit of knights........... So, I craftily charged my warlord to engage his hearthgaurd, and moved as many warriors as possible within VS of my warlord, to die in my warlords stead.  Eventually our warlords clashed while the lesser warriors died for them.

We called it a night to play some gamecube, without finishing the game.  If not for my hatred of the Franks battleboard (shouldve read it before the battle) this wouldve been a very enjoyable game.  

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