Thursday, April 13, 2017

Frostgrave Workings and First Unit of Huns

I'll start small and most recent, a Magical Bow treasure token. These are GB muslim cavalry bits on a coin on top of sand.

First 8 Huns, only one has a bow. These are GB Huns, the rest of the army will be Fireforge Mongols and the GB muslim Cavalry

A slightly better picture

Can you see the Dragon face? NO? oh well. This was a really quick terrain build, and is made of dollar store foamboard.  A cd was used to cut out the template, and the cd was used to base the cut cut foamcore. I took a cup to draw the inner circle, I crudely drew a pentagram, then took a penny to indent the smaller circles. Went to the internet for some magic symbols, and then carved some cobble. And glued the gems. I drybrushed some gold paint post this picture to show a magical glow.

Reaper Bones Armored Troll

Reaper Bones Ice troll

Frostgrave Barbarians

Forgotten Pacts treasure tokens

Fireforge Body, perry WOTR arms, GB late roman head

Metal FG cultist barbarian, lich lord treasure token, and glitter on thin cardboard treasure with gems

I decided it was time to carve some foam. These foam pieces will be a modular temple/citadel complex

Quick corkboard ruin. Also newly painted henchmen. the elevated fellow in the back is a FG soldier, front left FG cultist thief, next over: FG cultist body with perry WOTR arms and fireforge head with GW skeleton horns and FF mongol shield, and GB late crusader 

The Bridge and stairs are old, but the the tower is new

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