Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great hall construction complete, now its time for the paint!

Its time to get this awesome piece into the painting workshop!  Construction was very simple anyone can do it.  Especially due to the frame being a pre-made birdhouse.  All you have to do is throw on some Popsicle stick details and you are good to go.  The finishing touch is the roof thatching.  I used a terry cloth (a car washing rag for you youngsters).  I looked at some tutorials that used pot scourers, but found they were way to difficult to work with.  Next project is another great hall esque building and some thatched huts!

Input on whether I should base this model would be greatly appreciated.  I find I prefer terrain with a base. I base everything with a standard dirt and grass theme however that means the great hall will look odd on a snow themed table..... with no base it wont matter......decisions decisions.

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