Thursday, June 6, 2013

Terrain: Rocky Crag Pass

Hello Everyone! On display today is my recently created difficult ground rock terrain.
The terrain piece was created using 1/4 inch thick wood from my craft store (it has slightly warped, hardboard is superior to wood).  The rocks are simply made by stripping pieces of bark from a pine tree. Sand was added followed by a coat of black spray paint.  Next step is successive layers of dry brushing increasingly lighter grey (I did 2 grey colors). brown for the dirt with a tan/white drybrush to bring the detail out.  Lastly the ever important ingredient static grass.

For those hobbyists who do not know how to properly drybrush here are a few pointers! The brush selected should never be a thin or fine detail brush.  It should either be thick or flat, with the size depending upon the area on which you are drybrushing.  Once a generous amount of paint is applied to the brush, take a piece of wood or plastic that you don't mind covering in paint.  Stroke using all sides of the brush until it does not seem like any paint is being applied.  You are now ready to drybrush.  Lightly stroke the desired area to highlight the raised details!  Repeat the process when it seems the highlights are dulling.

Here are some action shots of the Rocky Crag Pass!

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