Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My first post!

Hello everyone and welcome to my wargaming blog.  This is the maiden post! On display here are my Gripping Beast's Jomsvikings, (in my opinion the nicest models for any northern/eastern barbarian army)

So far these pagan warriors have tasted battle in 3 games of SAGA, once as Jomsvikings, once as Vikings, and once as Anglo-Danes.

All Have been 6 point saga battles (my astute readers will have realized that I only have 4 points pictured.  They are what's painted, the other 2 points used are warhammer kislev models for the time being.)

This is a WIP shot. In recent years I have switched over to white spray paint.  I've found it helps my otherwise severely bad painting with Black primer.  And I am happy with my results.  My limited painting advice: Good painting comes from the knowledge of paint thickness and its application to the model. Proper application of washes inks and foundation paints has helped my painting, and I believe it will help yours as well.
 I use GW paints (gasp...dont no where to get vallejo state side).  A light metallic color is used for the chain mail and then is washed with badab black.  For skin I simply use ogryn flesh wash, it gets the job done in one layer!
 The transfers are from http://www.hourofwolves.org/ and they were free!  I simply printed them on normal paper and used the craft supply rubber cement to apply the images to the shields.  A revolving hole puncher type device wear also used to remove the blank shield boss section. (it might have been for piercing leather, but it had revolving sizes so it worked!)

 These woad wearing warriors are a mix of wargames factory Bits with ancient german bodies and Viking/ German heads.  The woad was a blue foundation paint.
 here we have a group shot with warlord included! He is not based yet due to the reason that I am in the market for casualty miniatures for his base.

Once Im done with this SAGA force I will be working on a Sword Brother/Teutonic army for SAGA using the Norman board.  Both armies will hopefully be fleshed out to have WAB battles for my favorite part of history the 13th century Northern Crusades.  

The Teutonic/Livonian army will be comprised of Fireforge Games fantastic range.  And my Native Pagan Balts will be a combination of everything I can muster since there isn't a range that covers them sufficiently, especially for the 13th century.  However, I am thinking WF german and celtic cavalry for light cavalry, and some conversion work on the conquest normans for noble cavalry.  The Jomsvikings are perfect for foot nobles and warriors.

I was sad when fireforge revealed the mongols as the next army range.  Hopefully the supplement will have Pagan Balts.  If it does I'm grabbing a copy of the Deus Vult Ruleset!

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